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Wildblue Communications / Totally rip off

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To Whom It May Concern:

This is my experience with WildBlue Communications. I just moved into my first home in Ashburn, VA on May 25, 2007 and saw a deal on DirecTV satellite and internet service as a package. Because of the area I was in, WildBlue turned out to be the only internet service available, since Comcast is a competitor of DirecTV. No problem, I thought.

It was very easy to sign up for the service and the serviceman was out to my place in no time to hook me up. I was a little surprised when I was hit with the $339.00 fee for the equipment which included a dish and a modem but I went along with it. It seemed reasonable enough.

After I was hooked up was when the trouble started. First I couldn’t get online, then I couldn’t get on line, but when I couldn’t get online was when I got aggravated. I tried to email WildBlue to see what was going on but I couldn’t get online. So I called them up. It took just under an hour for a customer service rep to answer the phone and talk to me and I had to set up a service call for which they gave me a five hour window, yes, a FIVE hour window.

The same service man came out that installed everything in the first place and did something called a speed test on my computer and informed me that, yes, there is definitely a problem but it’s not with WildBlue, it’s with MY COMPUTER. “You should have your computer looked at” he told me.

I knew there was nothing wrong with my computer since it worked fine with Comcast and Earthlink but I had the IT guys at work check it out anyway. Like I figured, there was no problem with my computer at all.

So again, I waited on hold for about an hour to speak with someone about canceling my service with WildBlue only to be informed that I was under contract for 12 months and even though they could not get service to me I was still obligated to pay the early termination fee of the remaining 11 months of my contract.. Can you believe that? THEY CANNOT SUPPLY THE SERVICE I ORDERED FROM THEM BUT THEY WANT ME TO PAY FOR A YEAR OF SERVICE THEY WON’T PROVIDE !!

Is this for real? Can this possibly be legal? How does this place stay in business? I’ve heard of companies that will rip people off until everyone is on to them, then they will file bankruptcy, and start up a new company with a new name and do the same thing over again. I think someone in Colorado needs to be imprisoned.

I’ve complained to the Better Business Bureau but that will probably come to nothing. I’ve cancelled the credit card I gave them but I’m sure I’ll get a call from a collection agency (which doesn’t really bother me. I look forward to cussing back and forth with them. Collection agents are sad, lonely people with no real life and no future to look forward to anyway) and this will probably effect my credit also. At that point I’ll have to go to small claims and I’ll win because no one will show up to represent WildBlue anyway. It’s just not equitable for them. It would cost more for them to fight me than to just let me go….right? Is there a lawyer out there that would be interested in this? I want to hurt these people. Someone needs to stop them in there tracks. If this is legal, it shouldn’t be. Most people just want to be able to get on the internet and are perfectly willing to pay for the service that works. I know I am. In good faith I put my trust in WildBlue and with blatant disregard for their customer (their lively hood, the hand that feeds) they screw me for my money for absolutely no service from them whatsoever.

The foregoing is my story and it tells what my intentions are for now. If there is someone out there who can help and is tired of this kind of thing happening and has maybe had something similar happen to themselves, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Michael P. Williams
21090 Lost Moccasin Terrace
Ashburn, VA 20147

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  • Je
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    Michael-Don't give up on the BBB. they got my entire "early termination" fee ($496.00) waived because I just wouldn't give up.
    Wildblue SHOULD go out of business. I sympathize completely with you. Our problems with them were that after 3 weeks our speed dropped so drastically the internet just wasn't worth using. finally after about 3 months, i finally called (2 hour wait...!) and was told we'd GONE OVER OUR FAIR USAGE POLICY. we were still paying for the top speed service and getting less than dial up. i canceled my cards and ditched them completely. months and months and months later they tried top charge the card that was listed with the account but obviously couldn't get anything out of it.
    one day-we had the money to pay off the balance, and called them up (35 minutes wait). the bill i had in my hand stated send a check or money or call to pay
    . i called, they said i could only pay with the card on file-the one i cancelled because of them. i said "right here it says you accept paper money" and the woman told me that NO they do not in fact accept checks or money orders. So how the ### am I supposed to pay??? There I was willing to pay the debt to keep my credit score good and they literally WILL NOT LET ME PAY.

    Anyways----2 weeks later, the BBB had it resolved. so don't give up, just make sure you have records.

    One day, someone at that company WILL got to jail.

    PS: The only reason I found you was because TODAY I got a bill from a collection agency dated 7/29/08. The BBB resolved/closed my Wildblue complaint on July 15th 2008. WTF????

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