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Wild Blue Satellite Internet Service / Slow Upload Speeds

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Phone: 209 835-4332

Wild Blue Satellite Internet Service is all talk and no action when it comes to delivering on there stated upload speeds. Customer service personnel are arrogant and of little or no help. They sell you on up load speeds up to 256K and then they say there minimum target threshold speed is 125K, and most times deliver 40 to 50% below that number, and they have NO problem with that fact. The numbers stated above are on there Pro Package service plan. I will be out a ton of $$$$ money when I cancel and they could care less. I have been with them for three weeks and it has been a nightmare from day one.

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  • Ma
      10th of Aug, 2008
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    Within the last month it's gotten real bad. Wild Blue service kept pointing the blame on my wireless router or my pc. So we bypassed the wireless router with a direct cable to modem hookup with an ethernet card. We still had the same problem. So then they told me to uninstall my web browser so they could better test the download/upload speeds...still nothing.
    In the last call I made to service I finally talked to someone who knew what he was talking about. He "reset" my modem to "original factory specs", saying that at times Wild Blue downloads patches to my system that may slow it down. The fix only lasted about 6hrs. Now I'm back to the same slow speeds.

    Lucky for me I'm no longer bound by their contract. I'll be switching to a different satellite service this week!

  • Wa
      9th of Jul, 2010
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    Wild Blue was the worst experience I have ever had. When I called to inquire about it, I was never told that it was a 2 year contract I would be signing, no mention was made of a Fair Access Policy, no mention was made that latency is so high that online gaming is impossible. Thinking the service was just like DSL, I agreed to installation and to signing what I thought was an agreement for service- the words "two year contract" were never mentioned- ever. After waiting all day for the tech, I finally had to leave. My oldest son was at home. The guy comes in and installs and then hands my son a paper to sign. Thinking it is the agreement, my son asks if he ought to read it first. The tech laughed and said no. So he signed.
    With great dismay we found gaming impossible. Speed was so so and then a week later we suddenly were on dial up speed. That is when we were told about the Fair Access Policy which they said we had violated. Feeling now even more bummed with the service, we stopped using our computer almost completely to try and get below the 70% and back up to the speed we were paying for. . However, when we checked the usage info it said that we had INCREASED our usage.
    We tried hopelessly to impart this information. In the end we just gave up. I ordered dial-up from MSN because if dial up was all we were going to get, that is what I would pay for. Then I called Wild Blue to stop our service. That is when I was told that a two year contract for service had been signed. To stop a non-working service that provided internet for one week I was told I would have to pay 15.00 for each month remaining which of course was 23 months.
    Supposedly now they are accessing the sale call to verify that no one mentioned contract or fair access. In the interim we got Sky-Beam. It is fantastic. The speed is several times faster, the cost is much less, the service is wonderful and there is no contract.
    So in my view- stay away completely from WildBlue. The internet sucks, tech support sucks and they hide from you the Fair access policy, the fact it is a 2 YEAR CONTRACT not an agreement for service you are signing and then blame you when their service is not working properly.
    If you can get Sky-Beam it is 100 times better in every aspect and there is no sneaky contract.

  • Pe
      23rd of Jul, 2010
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    Oh my GOD! What have I done...I just signed a 2year with them about 3 weeks ago with similar issues.
    I wish I would have come here first.

  • Sc
      12th of Jan, 2011
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    What a nightmare! WILDBLUE is awful service, awful speeds.
    I am pretty sure dial up would be better, beware of the Fair Access Policy. I wish I had known before I made the call, internet via any other means must be better than this! I made a complaint 10 min after my install, I was told to give it 24 hours. I then called to complain about speeds the next day & requested a cancellation based on mis-representation. I call each day many times being disconnected & now have been told maybe in 3 days they will have an answer. Going on 8 days since my install...URG!!!

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