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I found their service SLOOOOOOW as hell (no comparison to DSL) but fairly reliable, with customer service that was at times barely literate. But the big trump card was when i moved to an area that had DSL (finally!) and called to tell them I was moving. The person took down all the information and then we said goodbye. I hung up and though, wait a minute...I don't remember telling them the moving date... I didn't think much of it. 10 minutes later, my service went down.

Sure enough...they had disconnected me immediately, cutting me off for my remaining two weeks in the house (I run a small business from home). I called back figuring they should be able to fix this in a jiffy and get this...YOU CAN ONLY CANCEL YOUR SERVICE ON THE DAY YOU MOVE, NOT BEFORE. The person hadn't asked for a move-in date because their ###ed computers are incapable of setting shut-off for a date ahead of time. I was do you run a company like this, where I have to remember to call on a date when my phone is likely to be shut off and i'm likely to be busy with much bigger things than you!?

Topping this off, you guessed it...they can't just hit a switch and put you back on. It takes the same two week waiting period to get your service back on as it did in the beginning to get it on in the first place. I went ballistic and talked to every supervisor they owned, until someone admitted that yes, they could indeed flip a switch and get me back on within 24 hours, but that the line staff were kept unaware of this, it was a special favor to me, yadda yadda...sheesh.

However, of course, in human fashion, i then forgot to call on THE DAY to shut off service, which they still demanded I do, and I was reminded when their automatic withdrawal came out of my account once again. And no, they would not reverse the charges. They suck, and I want nothing to do with them ever again...I'll choose my housing based on being able to get dsl in future.

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  • Wi
      30th of Mar, 2009

    In many cases the performance of any satellite internet product is also dependent on the condition of the customers computer, adware spyware and virus protection are very important.

    Many people think that a new internet service will solve all of their computer problems and it is really up to the customer to see that their computer is properly maintained.

    WildBlue is not a substitute for DSL! If DSL is available in your area get it! WildBlue is much faster than dial-up but not as fast as DSL.

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  • Ji
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    Wild Blue Internet - Slowness of internet
    Wild Blue
    United States

    Wild Blue. Slower than DSL but faster than dial up. This statement from Wild Blue is false for me and as soon as I am done with this conplaint I am calling the Better Bussiness B. I wish I had never went with Wild Blue. A real mistake!

    I had gotten WB installed on 11/24/08 and I have called Wild Blue tech support 3 times now. I am very unhappy. But have a 18 month contract, like it or not is what they told me.. I told them it was not working was so very slow.. again... and I have another 9 months to pay $49.95 or have it removed and pay a cancellation fee of $225.00 for the remaining months which is 9 months... Even though it s not working right... Now is that a rip off...

    AS I said I have called 3 times since Ihad Wild Blue with a problem with extreme slowness. The 1st time the tech sent me info on things to do to possibly correct the problem... This info was so deep! I was getting into things I had no idea what I was doing. Changing numbers and settings and seeing if that would help and if not having to set it back to the way it was before... It was all so frustrating...

    The 2nd time the man that helped me was so nice and walked me through everything. He did not just send me info to download and leave me hanging. He jad me make changes and then check it out.. It took maybe a half hour on the phone but I was so appreciative of his help. And when I was done my computer did run faster.. I can not tell you what was all changed though... But I was happy with my computers performance..

    Now today... more problems with calling the tech.. He had me do a speed test and told me it showed my computer was running a little faster than it should be... I am back running the speed of a dial up or even slower if possible.. It takes anywhere from 45 seconds to 1 min 15 seconds and even sometime it will not finish loading in 11 minutes... I AM ANGRY!!.. why could one tech fix it with setting new numbers or settings and another just do a speed test and tell me thats the way it goes?

    At this time..I WOULD NOT RECOMEND WILD BLUE TO ANYONE! But I am stuck with it for now.. Shame on the Wild Blue internet company.

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