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Wild Blue / Terrible service!

1 Englewood, CO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-2786858

We have a bunch of reference numbers given by customer service representatives and have more disconnected phone calls then reference numbers. Yesterday I was disconnected 8 times, before I was ever able to even speak to a representative. Twice I made contact with two different customer service representatives and each time, I was disconnected again being transfered to 'DSI', what ever that is. On my third conversation to a live person I pleaded not to be put on hold or transfered, but to find a manger that I could speak with. 'Can not do.' she says. You have to be placed on hold. I explained how many times we had been disconnected while on hold and the time lost trying to keep calling in to customer support.

Although she still placed me on hold. I did get a Manager who again kept placing me on hold, though we never lost connection. Her way of helping me was giving me a phone number for their Corp. Office because she can't even get through to talk to someone herself. She said she would follow up on this to make sure I did eventually get to talk to someone for help on getting service. I've yet to hear from her though.

I did however call the Corp. office for Wild Blue. Guess what??? I was disconnected several time while in their automated answering service. I still have not spoken to anyone and don't have the time in my work day, to keep trying. Keep in mind this was yesterdays day of trying to communicate with Wild Blue. I've been going through this almost everyday Since the 12th of April.

I'm writing this report and then I'm sending a letter requesting to end our internet service with Wild Blue. Thank goodness we are on a month to month service now and don't have a contract. Maybe my letter will not be disconnected.

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  • Je
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    Me and my girlfriend signed up for Wild Blue roughly 6 months ago. From the beginning of our experience with Wild Blue it has been dreadful. To start at the beginning. We had dial up which is slow for downloading large files and such which i am sure every avid internet venturer knows. We were excited to get this "high speed" service being fans of surfing the web. Faster is better right? So we call a local dealer, end up paying 200 dollars for a cheap satellite. The installation was free during a promotional period we were in. (our only lucky break). The installer gets to our house after about a week. Tells us our tree's are to close to our house so he would have to buy a metal pipe and some concrete and put it in our front yard, but this would cost us an additional 100 dollars (installation was suppose to be free) or so. We are still excited so we say ok, but he didn't bring these things with him so we have to reschedule. He was suppose to call back when he got home to where he left his appointment book but didn't. I called 1-3 times a day trying to get in touch for the next 9 days. No answer to calls or return of voice mails. Finally he calls back one day. He sounded drunk. Said he could make it 2 days later. He shows up at 6pm at night that day. He promised to be there between 8am-11am. Tells us he just then found out he cant put the dish on the pole because of our powerlines nearby. This made me very angry being he claimed to have been dong this job for almost 15 years, I'd think he'd be aware of this. So he leaves. We really want satellite internet still believing they are "high speed" so we pay a guy to cut down the problem tree so the dish can be installed on our roof. Guy shows up about a week later again. Is able to install it this time and leaves after he makes comments about how i should buy him a beer for his trouble coming to my location 3 times when it was his fault. Since then. Internet works. Suppose to get 512 Kbps download. We get 100-200 at the faster times. It rarely goes beyond that. That paired with a download threshold and the delay caused by satellite communication completely ruins the high speed idea. The delay is what mainly gets me. Having little experience with satellite tv or internet i wasn't aware and they didn't tell me. Guess i should have researched more first. I am a fan of online games and this is completely impossible with satellite. Even surfing the web, you click on a page and their is like a 5 second delay before anything happens then the page slowly loads. Not much faster than dial up. We get all this for 50 dollars a month and are stuck in a contract. Why do the people who live outside of town get targeted by scammers like satellite companies seeking to abuse their situation of being outside of DSL and Cable service areas? Sorry for such the long rant this whole thing really pisses me off. I take classes online which sucks because of the service. I use to play online games and voice chat with friends and now i cant. Web browsing is the same as dial up. Waste of money.

  • Lh
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    Wild Blue does not honor their part of the contract. Nothing is the way the sales people present it. Yet you are held in an 18 month contract. Their service is SLOWER than dial up. And yes, when you call you are on hold - even at 2:00 a.m.!!! My contract is finally going to be up in 4 months - I can't wait!!!

    Don't make the mistake in getting Wild Blue - they call it high speed internet service - don't let them kid you! It's anything but!

  • Pt
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    Well !! I'm hurrying and typing my complaint before my internet service is interrupted by Wildblues wonderful "FAIR ACCESS" policy that i knew nothing about before getting their service. No one, not the customer service rep, not the installation technician, not even the five tech support reps who i spoke to trying to find out why i had no service for fives days and counting. NO ONE made me AWARE of this "mind boggling stupid policy" from Wilblue.
    But my wonderfully painful journey into internet service with Wildblue doesn't stop there. That would be too simple.

    After i finally get someone with the guts to tell me why i don't have internet svc and i go on my tirade for ten minutes (why no e mail, phone call, web page that says you've been bricked, smoke signal, stuff like that.) they explain to me that i can get unlimited internet access if i pay ten dollars more!!! I'm no lawyer but i know extortion when i hear it!! So after i go on another tirade for about ten minutes (You know the kind( Then what the hell am i paying $70 a month for now if i can't use the service when and how long i want to tirade.)) I finally calmed down and let them transfer me to the customer service department where i could pay the extra ten dollar extortion fee to get my service back on so i can A: Make my money and B: find a new internet service provider. But my wonderful journey doesn't end there.

    After waiting for about 30 minutes for a customer service rep i was rudely and abruptly told that their system was down and call back tomorrow and hung up on!! YEAH HUNG UP ON!!

    Now i can put up with occasional bad weather that would knock out my service or (although it has never happen to me) service interruption due to nonpayment but to have my service cut off because i use it too much is beyond belief; and to not be notified of it is even worse, it might be criminal.
    To top it off some of the worse customer service in the history of customer service makes my experience with Wildblue the worse decision i have ever made at any point in my life!!! Yes even worse than when i ate that old cole slaw in the fridge and got sick or stuck my finger in the wall socket as a baby!! LOL!!
    I'm just wondering is there any possible legal action that can be taken!!

  • Te
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    Wild Blue - poor service
    wild blue
    United States

    We have had this internet provider for 4 months and they suck they get into our programs and block things the speed of the internet is slow we live in the country so we don't get alot of providers where we live and we had no choice but to go with them they get into our files and block us from going on to certain web sites I highly don't recommend this company to anyone.

  • Jo
      2nd of Jan, 2011
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    Please let me know if there are any resolutions to all these complaints.
    My daughter has suffered all the same ones. No service because of oversuse, when she can't even access the internet. How can that be?
    I feel very bad, because of a fast talker several in my family went with Direct Tv which is connected to Wildblue, she is the one with all the problems. Why does she have the problems, when I use my computer much more than she does, and so far I haven't had very many problems, not saying none, but not very many.
    Please if anyone has solved their delima with WildBlue please let me know how you did it.

  • Ch
      22nd of Jul, 2012
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    Wild Blue - High Speed
    Wild blue Excede
    United States

    I have had nothing but problems from the start. They show up on a day I told them I wasn't going to be there. They bill me three days after I had installed for the full month. They neglected to say that they will slow down my so called streaming after I use my allotted amount which took all of 1 week to use by the way. Even when it is running in full speed mode it SUCKS. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!

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