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Wild Blue Communications / Terrible experience!

1 Tylertown, MS, United States Review updated:

Wild Blue Trouble from Day one.

The free install wasn't free at all, the person that installed the service charged an extra $200 to set a $40 pipe in the ground with a $5 sack of concrete. If i had known that this was needed ahead of time I could have easily done it myself. But this was only the start of my problems, the service never seemed to work better than a dial up modem for my first 8 months of service. They always blamed the weather, or some other nonsense. They would not send out a technician to check the problem because everything looked fine on their end. Finally after months of complaining they decide to send a technician out, we set a date and time for the appointment over the phone. I take a day off of work and nobody shows, no phone call, no e-mail, no nothing. This happens 3 times before I had enough and got a hold of their contractor directly to setup the appointment with them personally. Finally manage to get together with the contractor and turns out the dish was misaligned from day 1.

Service actually worked half way decent for awhile after that, but then a new problem popped up, the modem would disconnect for no good reason 5-10 times a day. After 90 days of calling and complaining about it to no avail all of a sudden i try to logon one day and it says my modem isn't registered! Calling their clueless tech support back I spend 3 hours trying to get the modem back up and going to no avail, I get passed up the tech support chain until someone finally gives me a username / password combo that works and gets my modem registered and back online. The same old problem still persists and i had all but given up on this sorry excuse for a company and accepted my doomed fate of crappy speeds and random disconnects.

So i get my first FAP violation, I did not know this at the time, and evidently neither does the company! I call up complaining of slow speeds, they can not figure out why. So they setup for one of their lovely technicians to come out (sarcasm) to check the issue. Setup a appointment for in 3 weeks, done deal... not! I call them back to check on the status of my ticket hoping something could be done on their end to save a technician coming out. Turns out I had a FAP violation on the account. They are supposed to send out an email when you are at 80% of your threshold on your bandwidth allotment before they slow your speed down. I got the email well after they turned it down. I asked to cancel the technician because obviously i don't need my equipment swaped out if its just a FAP violation. So 2 weeks AFTER the appointment date the technician calls and wants to know how to find the house to change out my equipment! Wildblue didn't tell them to cancel the ticket evidently, another sign of their fine communication capabilities. So surfing on terrible speeds one night my modem just goes offline and then 30 minutes later I get a call from wildblue letting me know that they are gona cut my connection. Gee thanks, already done my friend! Just so happened I was in the middle of some important work online... so much for that! Turns out the reason for this is my modems registration numbers had been switched with another person with the same name out of Texas, but in their own computer system. Every time he had trouble and called it in, it would cause our modem to go offline and vice versa. I believe this is still the case with my connection to this day. I tried calling them back on this issue and now they have no memory it ever happened. Communication is not something Wild Blue is good at, nobody knows what is going on with their accounts, not even the supervisors have a clue at this company. That FAP violation most likely had something to do with our 2 accounts being crossed, i'll never know and I'm certain neither will this company. One thing is for sure, they take that money out of my account every month but heaven forbid I actually get what I pay for.

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  • Je
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    I can not only agree but had some of the same issues with the "free install".
    I live in the woods in NH and there is no alternative but this or dial up.
    I finally saw a free install promo so I bit and called.
    Well, they showed up very late and then said my roof wouldn't support the equipment.
    I argued that the directv was there for years with no troubles at all.
    Seeing how I was late now, I stopped arguing and gave in to pay an extra 200 on top.

    I have had some connectivity problems and had some luck with tech support, but the wait times are way too long.
    Once I had had enough and asked for customer retention, and was put on hold and then hung up on, that was after being on line for hours.
    I usually do lots of research, but seeing how this is it, there was no choice, dial up is too slow.
    As soon as my contract is up I am looking at other providers if they are online in my area.
    Very unhappy customer.

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