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Wilcox Automotive / Rip off

1 United States

November 14, 2006, I had my '95 Pontiac towed to James, owner of Wilcox automotive because it was running hot and I had already changed radiator cap, both hoses, & thermostat. But it didn't correct the problem, not wanting to damage the engine, towing was best. Late that afternoon, I phoned Wilcox cause he had not connected me to let me know what he had determine was the problem.He stated he 'Thought' it was a cracked head or blown head gasket. I told him the car was not losing anti-freeze, not running rough or loud. I ask him if there was water in the oil, he said No, I ask if he did a compression check, he said No. I ask him how or why he thought it was the head. He stated, He Just Knew.( which I didn't believe )He said that he could not get around to fixing my car until after Thanksgiving and it would
cost me $1500.00. I was totally shocked. That was extremely over priced and I told him so. Told him I did not have that kind of money and I would have to make some calls.

I phoned him back and told him that my parents would help out with money but I would get back with him. The next morning, after speaking with several auto mechanics from different shops requesting an estimate and hours required to repair such a problem my thoughts were correct. He was trying to rip me off and it was not a cracked head cause nothing made sense. The car was never driven hot, I shut it down before that could happen. So I phoned a friend and he got a car dollie so we could pick up my car from Wilcox and take it else where.

I phoned Wilcox and informed him, we would be picking it up. He said Oh No, I've already started and if you do I may not find all the parts and bolts that go to the car. He stated that he already had 15 hours into the car. At that point in time, I knew he was lying again. On a job like that it only takes 4 to 6 hours (not 15). I ask him why didn't he phone me to inform me of this cause he said it would be after Thanksgiving and I didn't have that much money. He stated that he even hired another worker to fix my car since I needed it badly. Never answering my question.

I told him that was unfair and wrong, complained alot more and ask more questions on how he determined what that problem was with the car. All I got was the run around. He said that it would be ready for me that Friday.

Friday comes, no car, so I went to his shop to find my car sitting in the parking lot. I went in and ask if my car was ready and was told no. I ask why, one of his workers that was sweeping the floor said he was waiting on the head to come back from shop. Wilcox then said that I had 2 bad valves, I ask if he was going to replace them( they were not expensive ) and he said no that he would have them filed down some, like the head.

I went to the parking lot to raise the hood on my car. Which I did and just the head had been removed, no valves removed and no new water pump like he said he replaced. I got very mad and ask he just what kind of fool he thought I was. That I knew he was putting the screws to me and that my car didn't need a new head or gasket kit. Told him I wanted my car that day. He said it might be next week.I ask what machine shop he used and the phone number. He stated, we have you head, I told him that not more than half a minute ago, his worker told me that he was waiting on the head. He stated I miss understood him. I Did Not.

Then I ask why they were working on other vehicles with mine sitting in the parking with the hood down. Where was this new guy he had hired to fix mine. He said nothing, I believe cause I had just caught him in several lies. I walked away and he yelled, Well what do you want me to do now. I told him that for $1500.00 dollars that my car dam well better be put together correctly and today. That I wanted it today. I then drove off.

Today is Tuesday and Wilcox phoned last night at 7:11 pm asking me if I wanted to come pick my car up right then. I told him that I didn't have any money and that I didn't know if my parent would pay such a high bill. Then I said, oh now what is the total, I totally freaked out when he said $1625.00. My lord, I paid $1800.00 for the car not more than 4 months ago. I told him thanks for calling, he again ask me when I could pick it up. I stated I didn't know and tried to hang up but he said not wait I wanted to tell you that it was your water pump and that only one of my motor fans were working and I needed to get the fan fixed or his warranty would not be any good. ** Say what **

So he didn't completely fix the problem, yet changed the head gasket for no reason and wants $1625.00, he is crazy.


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