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I am writing to you today, to bring to your attention your lack of customer care, and the fact you have not carried out a request I asked off you, causing me financial loss.

Firstly I requested some time ago that you deactivate my account, this was done via web chat between myself and one of your operators.

This can be proven by the usage you can see on my account, or rather the lack off. The fact I have not been in the country, away on duty can testify to this matter.

When I called one of your operators, orginely to 're-activate the account, I was quite shocked to hear that the account had not been De-activated as requested, and you had been charging myself, nearly £30 a month for three items, all of which where not being used.

To make matters worse I found you operator to be rude and unhelpful to say the least, if you are able to listen to the calls you will hear this. She was short and completely dismissive of all my suggestions and points I was putting towards her.

I even suggested looking at the usage of the account, to which her response was, " my fire stick was active on the 28th June", this will be because this was the day I returned from Latvia on a operational exercise, at this point I was still certain my account had been De-activated therefore When I turned my tv on to watch standard Tv, the Fire stick which Is connected to the TV, would of turned on also.

If your able too, yet again you will see that I never actually watched anything on this device or even tried to access it.

Yet you did not this ckeck this instead I was just met with more obstacles time and time again.

It is obvious to me, and many others that you abuse your WiFi ability in the camps you operate. I had a similar situation with Wifi when I was Larkhill camp (media force) however they are the polar opposites to yourselves. In the same situation they saw that I had not used my Wifi. and returned all funds for the months I had not used the Wifi, this after I never even asked them to cancel the account in the first place. It seems however that you lack the ability to help your customers, if you believe you will loose a little bit of money.

I have had nothing but issues with your company, all of which have been logged, I will taking this to my chain of command.

I wish you to look at this matter. and carry out the correct action of returning the finance owed. It may only be a small number but it is however the right thing to do, wish for you to also look at previous complaints I have raised, as I to this day I am not happy with the outcome, but as I stated before you abuse your position on camps, and probably believe yourselves above looking into to such small matters, I hope not.


Richard [protected]

Jul 10, 2017

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