Wie Vitasystemsunauthorized bank withdrawls

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A charge for $49.86 from Wie Vita system caused an automatic $20.00 NSF fee from my bank and at exactly the same time I had a charge of $6.82 which caused another $20.00 NSF fee from my bank. Strangely enough. At exactly the same time there was a $38.77 charge from another company which also cause a $20.00 NSF charge. When calling the phone #'s provided, I found that the first and second above mentioned companies were one in the same. I don't think the third company was linked with the other two, when I called them the eagerly put the money back except for the $20.00 NSF fee of course. I think the victims of Wie Vita systems should file a Class Action against them.


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      Aug 25, 2009
    Wie Vitasystems - Unauthorized charge
    WIE VitaSystems
    United States

    I have two unauthorized charges to my bank account from WIE VitaSystems. I have no idea who they are. I have reported them to my bank, who will take the appropriate steps to apprehend the thieves.

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