Why N58 inch samsung, kitchen table, soundbar, microwave and service agreement

It was Black Friday week 2016. I went to KMART as they had a 58" SAMSUNG SMART TV on sale for $480 plus tax, I was pre-approved by TEMPOE for $1, 000.00 prior to going to K-Mart. After making a $42.00 down payment, I was assured by a manager of the audio department that I could make bi- monthly payments of $42.00 and at any time PRIOR to 90 DAYS! I CAN PAY OFF REMAINING BALANCE equal to remaining sales amount LESS payments made with an additional buyout fee. As this was done on the 24th of November, first payments begin in December. Later on I used the remaining approval as they split up the leases. So on November 28, 2016 i entered Sears and purchased a KITCHEN TABLE, MICROWAVE & SOUND BAR = $522.66 with down payment $64.21 followed by bi-monthly debits of $41.66. ... Well here it is January 11th! I have a $1, 000 savings account for overdraft protection. Yet on account 1 - $42.00 X taken (3) = $126.00, account 2 - $41.66 X taken (2) =$83.32 ... Together its 5 payments totalling $209.66 yet I have $161.66 in RETURN FEES, BUT NO NSF from Capital One. They have got $20 fee 7x in addition to lease payment. 24 DEBITS on my checking account in less than 2 moths, some daily back to back. EVEN IF I OPT for 90 days WHICH i will, I will pay an ADDITIONAL $193.00 buyout on top of the actual sales price. So my $1, 028.00 puchase becomes $1, 411.39... Thats what i get for not simply paying cash. To charge 40% above sales price under the disguise of a 90 day same as cash pitch is PREDATORY LENDING even a finance company doesnt take out the account you FICTIOUS RETURN fee and then try to get lease payment. You purposely try to confuse the consumer and over draw thier account. Which could RUIN them. PROBLEM IS I SPOKE WITH CAPITAL ONE. SENT A FAX TO WHY NOT LEASE IT (showing running balance and no NSF) CALLED SEVERAL TIMES. The customer service DID NOT HAVE A VALID ANSWER YET CONTINUED TAKING ERRONEOUS FEES. So far in one month and a half they have the instore initial payments $370.00 UNBELIEVABLE SOME BODY PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS PREDATORY LENDER. Capital one disputed all the RETURN FEES and started an ivestigation into WITHDRAWING AMOUNTS NOT AGREED TO IN CONTRACT AND BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT FROM Why Not Leasing. Funny thing is there is. $1, 000.00 in saving could pay off but NOW they say 10 payments and buyout of $275 on one and $250 on the other after ALL THE 10 lease payment per account and any ERRONEOUS FEES attached.

Why N
Why N

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    The company name is: Why Not Lease It / Tempoe LLC

Jan 11, 2017

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