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1 811 Sylvandale Ave.San Jose, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 408-225-3221

I have put a complaint against whom took may money and haven't sent my merchandise since November 5, 2007 I'm afraid that many people, specially in this Christmas season are making orders expecting to sell some of the clothing that this company offers. But these people, like me, will never receive their orders. This company it is still on line and taking money from all USA people. They already canceled their e-mail addresses as and e-mails. The people that they mention to call if I have questions about my order (information taken from e-mail order confirmation from this company after I placed my order with them)They never answer my messages. Also there are a couple guys, John Burg and Oscar whom never return all my messages regarding my order. This company already cashed my check from the amount of $234.72 I don't' know what to do, but you people, don't get scam like me. Read the other complains that unlucky I found to late about or clothing discount club Inc. or

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  1st of May, 2007
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United States

Ordered flannel shirts, sweatshirts & ladies sweaters in late March. Authorized $161 + “exact” UPS ground shipping Brooklyn TO BOSTON) which added a whole $73 to make a $239 total for which I have got nothing so far. When I called to see why I hadn’t got anything, they were “on vacation” & it WAS Passover/Easter. When I called back the phone service was too full to take messages.

April 30th I got an advertisement for selling MORE CLOTHES so they’re still at it! I think they also create fake ebay sellers who “SELL” the same things to lure people in. They have lots of fake endorsements as well. & Yes website starts out with talking man.

  15th of May, 2007
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United States

Order short sleeve shirts and men and women jeans, sent 209.00. Call, answer machine stay full or they answer and give you the run around. These people are on other fraud sites and are still in business. I don't understand. If you know of a way to shut these people down because these complaints are not working, please let me know I'm in. I still have my order info and is ready to fight!

  19th of May, 2007
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Same here!

  29th of Oct, 2007
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United States

On 10/14/05 I placed an order to starclothing through wholesalecentral, starclothing which is now also and also and probably numerous others.

I ordered 2 boxes of 100 pieces assorted children clothes at $50.00 per box. A sum of $158. was taken from my bank account for my order plus UPS shipping.

I emailed Mr. Oscar Weber asking when I could expect delivery and never received an answer. I called numerous times to no avail. Mr. Weber does not answer the phone the first time you call, if you hang up and call back immediately he will answer the phone. I spoke to him several times and told him that I wanted my order or my money back. What I got was stories anything just to get me off the phone.

As of today I have not recieved anything from Mr. Oscar Weber. I filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau, The NY State Attorney General and IC9 which is a Federal website, back in 2006.

I have spoken to several others that have also gotten ripped off by Mr. Weber. I think this is why he keeps changing his website name.

I wonder just how many people he has ripped off.

Perhaps we could all get together and put this man out of business before he hurts more hard working people. Is there a way that we could all file a complaint together with the NY State Attorney General Office? As my single complaint didn't do anything, they are waiting for more complaints.

  16th of Nov, 2007
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United States
Phone: 408-225-3221

I have placed an order to on November 5, 2007(60 jeans for women and men and 75 jeans for children) for $156.00 Online, they asked me for an electronic check information but they weren't mention about the shipping and handling cost. Days have past and I haven't got my merchandise.They said they will charge what the usp service charge them.

I got to excited for the webpage that they have and the many testimonials. They looked very credible company. I have been calling to find out info about my order at 718-387-3977 many times without any answer and I have sent five e-mails to without results either about my order. Now from the original e-mail that they sent me after I placed my order on November 5, 2007 from Rachel ( are bouncing back. Not longer exist this e-mail address. This burglar company cleared my echeck for the amount ot $234.72 the next day of my order. This company charged me $78.72 of s/h and I don't see that I'm going to receive my money back. I'm very upset and impotent about this... I want to cancel this order but there it not any answer from them. BURGLARS, RATS!!!

What can I do?????

  28th of Nov, 2007
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I am so grateful for your report on Quality Clothing. Just yesterday i placed an order for $700 and then i read this website. I immediately put a stop payment on the order with my bank, and since the stop payment would not take effect for 24 hours i had to withdraw everything out of my checking account. The attempt has been made to take the money but no call or email has been received from them. I will now open a new checking account but there are some checks out for my bills on the old account. Why don't you go after them through your bank? File a complaint with them. Good Luck!

  11th of Dec, 2007
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They also riped off my father. They cashed his check on the 16th of Nov, but as of today we have seen or heard nothing. I reported them to the BBB and to the FTC. I have no idea if that will do any good, but I had to do something.

  12th of Dec, 2007
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I also order from on Nor 8 2007 i also haven goin my stuff. I got the same run around oh i'll call you back with tracking number and never returns my call. I have left 100s of message its either full or some lady anwser the phone that no nothing about anything. I order 100 long leeve t-shirt and 100 mix assorted childen clothing and 40 flees i spent $252.00. If there anyone that can help or is filing a law suit or anything please email me someone has to stop this guy from hurtting hard working people...

  13th of Jun, 2008
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I also ordered items from this company under one of its many names. I sent them $262.00 direct to Oscar Weber and so far have received nothing except excuses, bad ones at that. I wish I had seen this site before I ordered, I never would have dealt with them. As far as I can see they are a boiler room operation, writing their own phony testimonials. This company under whatever name cannot be trusted at all and should be prosecuted for fraud.

  14th of Nov, 2008
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  1st of Feb, 2009
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I know the feeling of something like this happening. On Dec. 12, 2008 I too have placed an order of $1, 160. Now on the day of delivery, Dec. 23rd 2008 I only recieved 11 out of 13 boxes. till this day i have not received my 2 missing boxes. Now, all the calls i made i have recorded as evidence to show what type of business man this person is. On my last call i had left a message because he kept on hanging up and telling me that I was wasting his time. Now, i left the message telling that i had called consumers department in Brooklyn, NY. that's where he hung up. Before he hung up on me, i told him about those two packages and he told me that they were sent. It was a lie. I told him to give me the tracking number for that package and he didn't, he told me that they sent it via Fedex which of course they don't. As i recall they only send via UPS not Fedex or DHL. because and i quote " Ups is cheaper for them to ship, that they didn't use Fedex because they charge too much". I strongly agree with you. All who have been victims of this fraud company SHOULD file complaints to the Attorney Generals office in NY.

  1st of Feb, 2009
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I Agree!!!
This man should be SHUT down... i just can't believe so many people have been victims of this nonsense..!!!
It can't keep going on like this!!

  18th of Feb, 2009
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I placed an order also with this company (Quality Clothing) in June 2008 and my check cleared the very next day also ($308.oo). I have not received nor heard from this company for a very long time. What can I do?

  12th of May, 2009
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Another company that do this kind of scams is TRADEELECTRONICS.COM
I placed an order back on april of this year (2009)for 2 Playstations 3, each one with 24 games for the price of $457.87 it's been 2 moths now since i placed my order and i still haven't receive any merchandise I been trying to call them with no response. and when they aswer the phone they put alot of excuses about my order, saying they don't have it available or my games are back- order. And now i don't know what to do to get my money back. If you want to order for this scam site TRADEELECTRONICS.COM
think twice before send them any money. So remember TRADEELECTRONICS.COM is a scam website that only wants your money

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