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Wholesale Outlet Group / Terrible experience

1 United States
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I agree with the person who wrote the report to begin with. I just recently purchased a car from Wholesale Outlet Group (whom i wish i would have just went somewhere else). First off, they tried to completely steal my trade from me and thank god my boyfriend was there because he just traded in his car (same one, 1000 miles more than what i had on mine) so he knew what his got appraised at. They didn't want to budge from 3500 less than what he got for his. He then began to tell them the deal that he got and said that if we don't get that or better we are leaving. They finally, after two more tries of stealing my trade from me, went with the value i wanted.

After we purchased the new vehicles, we got it home and about a week or two later got a call from my salesman (Mike) saying that we 'blew' the interview with the loan company (which I have never even been thru an interview for before) and that we need to go through another bank and that we have to drive back down there (an hour away) just to sign a piece of paper. I also had to drive back ANOTHER time because the explorer had a crack in the back panel, crack in the breaklight, and no spare key (which i wasn't complaining about because i didn't have to pay for the fixes, YET), so I was not happy about driving to and from there at least 6 more times. They finally drove up to where WE live because i REFUSED to drive there to sign a piece of paper. They gave me what they owed and told me to bring my car back to them to fix it. I spoke with someone about setting up a time for my car to be fixed and they said they would have a Ford Tarus waiting for me so i could have a car while mine is being worked on.

When i got there, they didn't have a car waiting for me and didn't know what i was talking about so i said well I only brought one car so you're going to have to figure out something. They finally got me a car after rearranging someone else's service. They also said that they couldn't get me a spare key (I'd have to pay for it) which is ridiculous because every car has a spare key.

Overall, my experience there was horrible. They were very irresponsible, never returned my phone calls when i asked them too, weren't set up right, and just didn't seem like nice people to begin with. I would not refer anyone there and I am going to pick up my explorer today and hopefully will have a spare key (free) and wont ever have to go there again.


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