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Wholesale Match aka The Shipper was a website to go along with Fortune Learning System, an Ivy Capital, Inc. internet business "coaching" program. I was refunded my "investment" by Fortune Learning Systems, because a business was never established. I stopped using Wholesale Match's services as soon as FLS coaching was over. I was told NO REFUND from Wholesale Match, because I could continue to use their services. I have no business established from FLS, and Wholesale Match was to be used with my business that was never achieved. I am demanding a refund for services that I am unable to use. They say that they are not in this scam together, yet Steven Sonnenberg owns both FLS, and Wholesale Match aka The Shipper... They should at the very least refund the 8 months that I did not use the site, and they do have records showing usage. Do what is right!!! Fortune Learning Systems did (eventually). Also, why do they have to use so many names for one company? It does make you wonder.

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  • Lk
      Nov 23, 2010

    After 5 months of requesting a refund, Wholesale Match did refund my total amount paid via check in November, 2010.

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  • Sl
      Dec 15, 2010

    Hi, I was did you go about getting your money back from FLS? My wife and I are doing that right now, and they are just trying to string us along by offering to build the website for us or by adding more sessions. Any tips? Thank you!

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  • Di
      Mar 24, 2011

    Yes, how did you get the refund from Wholesale Match? I have had no response to emails and can't get through by phone... it seems like they disappeared...calling themselves another name?

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  • Je
      Apr 23, 2011

    If anyone knows how to reach Wholesale Match I would love to know. I can not reach them by phone or email.
    Would love to get my money back if at all possible.

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  • Je
      May 28, 2011

    Thank you so much for the information. I will contact Michael and see what he can do for me.

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