White Sand Krabi Hotel / Airport transfer

I booked 3 nights at the aforementioned hotel in Thailand with the knowledge of it having an airport transfer (this was and still is included in the hotel details on the agoda website). My partner and I are backpacking around south east Asia and factor this airport transfer into the price of the hotel. It cost us 600 baht to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel and will cost 600 on the way back back. I had submitted a special request through agoda mentioning when we would be arriving, our booking dates and names as well as our room preference. When we arrived at the airport there was nobody to collect us, we called the hotel and were told that they do not provide hotel transfer. When we arrived at the hotel we mentioned it again; they said they have asked you multiple times to take that feature off of the site but you have not. I'm not sure who to believe but thought you should be made aware of the incorrect information on your site.

Mar 08, 2016

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