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Ordered tires on 11/12/10. Received an automatic email giving my order information. On their website it states that tires that are in stock will ship within 24 hours and backordered tires ship within 4-5 days. 6 Days later I called them as I had not received a tracking number for my tires and a winter storm was expected for the weekend. After being put on hold for 5 minutes, finally getting a representative who spoke with me for 30 seconds and put me back on hold for 10 minutes, he told me these tires were sold out, and they didn't know when more would come in. I asked why I hadn't been notified that these tires were sold out when I made the order, or even within a few days and he told me the person handling my order was" probably going to call today but had the day off." I explained the weather situation and asked what I could do, if they had anything available for me. He had no interest in trying to offer me an alternative product or remedying the situation just sounded irritated that I was upset no one had bothered to let me know my tires would not be arriving. I canceled my order and called the local discount tire, who promptly put in a special direct order to the manufacturer and will be mounting, balancing, and aligning my tires for 30 dollars more than what the tires alone cost from in the first place. Shop local.

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  • Dr
      Jul 11, 2011

    Placed my order on November 12 2010 and after one week I had not received a shipping conformation just my original email receipt. I called the company and emailed them twice, once to their customer service email and the next to their sales email. They never replied. Well after I called them the second time I left a voicemail which they did not answer. Then I called again and the guy said he did not have an order from me eventhough the first time I called they did have an order from me. Worst experience ever do not recomend this place.

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  • Fr
      Jun 03, 2016 - Terrible service
    United States

    As so many of you have been thru I unfortunately didn't do my homework on Wheelsnext. The website looks very professional but, that's where it ends. I too didn't get the 24 hr call it was actually four days later then they said it might take two weeks to get my tires and rims. Well, after two weeks no tracking number so, I inquired as to where they were and was told Oh, sorry the rims aren't in stock you'll have to go to a different one. And it is going to cost more. They said they'd throw in some extras for free. Like an idiot I sent them the additional amount. Over a week later still no tracking number. Now were at over three weeks and the car has been put in storage I'm a pissed off customer so, I call once again and once again a song and dance.
    About being one of the biggest in the business and we do 1000's of orders per day I get I'll check with the supplier. Uhhhh, they can't seem to give me a tracking number at the moment. Well, thats it !! I said cancel the order as I had now read all the horrendous feedback about them and told them about it. Another song and dance about only people who have bad experiences write reviews and we do 1000's of orders a day. Then I was told I would have to pay a 10% re-stock fee !! Can you believe it? They never even had the tires ready to ship and now I have to pay a re-stock fee? What a scam !! I'm still waiting for my refund and if I don't see it in a couple weeks I will file suit against these unethical frauds. THEY ARE THE WORST EVER !!

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