Whataburger / slow service, confused, unorganized employees, online survey wont work.

The store located at 725 E. Centerville Rd, Garland TX 75051, store #88
I placed a to go order inside the store because the line of cars was backup all the way to the opposite side of the store from the drive through window. My order was placed at 1:19 pm for two #1 meals. The inside was not that busy waiting on customers. Only three people in front of me. There were a whole bunch of people waiting on their orders with drink cups in their hands and an order number plastic tent card in their hand. I waited a full 20 minutes to get my order. I'm lucky I'm retired and didn't have to get back to work. I would have been late if I was working. Then the online survey that is supposed to reward you with a free whataburger if you buy a drink and french fry. It doesn't even work. I tried 4 times without success. I'm not impressed with Whataburger right now.

Apr 14, 2016

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