WGN, ION, any and all Television Advertising / inappropriate advertising

I am filing this complaint relative to the commercials that are being shown mainly on the WGN and ION channels, but quite frankly all of the channels are completely out of control as well. We often watch Blue Bloods and The Last Man Standing on these channels. We watch these programs with our grandchildren.
I do not see any responsibility being taken by these channels to restrict the absolutely mind bleeding commercials they allow. And this is during early hours, all day. I also hold the big pharma companies responsible for the over the top, ridiculous way they are peddling their drugs for products that fix crooked penis, sore vaginas, painful intercourse, improved sexual activity, any and all obscure diseases. Do they truly believe that we (the stupid public) are going to run out and buy all of this crap they are dumping out? What the hell do we have a doctor for?
Obviously, they do not give one crap what the public thinks, they will stuff this absolute trash down our throats. Where are our rights? We pay a fortune for television now, we should have a say in what we have to sit through. We hate to watch TV, we are at a point that all we do is watch our own movies. It is such a joy to actually watch something with no one asking you about a bent penis or a dry vagina. Honestly, we have lost our damn minds. Why is this allowed???? I trust my doctor to work with me, I am not going to have some idiot on TV doling out my medication.
We absolutely need an opt out button or some way to control our own viewing choices. It is beyond comprehension that anyone wants this garbage that we are subjected to.

It is out of control and getting worse and worse. It is like a 2 year old, they try one thing and if a parent doesn't step in then they try another and another. These agencies should never be able to run what they are running and destroy every ounce of innocence a child has. It is WRONG on every level.

Aug 21, 2018

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