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About a year ago I recieved a notice that I had been turned into collections because my Express Credit card was 90 days past due. I was shocked because this was the first I was aware of it. I thought my account was paid in full, but apparently there was a balance of $10.83. I do not recieve paper statements, and I had not recieved anything in the mail regarding my account until they had already turned me in to collections. I called customer service and paid immediately, explained the situation. Apologized for my oversite of the $10.83 and asked them to note that all of my accounts had always been in good standing and that I certainly wouldn't jeopordize my credit score over such a small amount. I was given an adress and told to write a letter explaining my situation. I did just that; explained the situation and asked what I needed to do so that my credit would not be negatively impacted. Two months later I recieved a short reply letter stating that my account was in good standing, so I thought the issue was resolved. Now a year later I find out that its still showing up on my credit as serioiusly delinquent. I called again and spoke with a supervisor in customer service and was told they could do nothing for me, they also would not assist me with giving me any information to contact somebody at a higher level. My credit score got hit for 50 points b/c of $10.38!!! It would have been nice if they hade made some effort such as a letter or phone call to give me a chance to correct the issue rather than just sending me to collections. I honestly don't know what recourse I have, but there must be something for people like me who try very hard to keep their credit in good standing, and have one unfortuanate incident...

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      Oct 05, 2009

    A similar thing happened to me, why does the company wait so long to contact people with balances. I thought my bill had been paid and now my credit has tanked. I am a student trying to establish good credit and I have loans coming due in the next year what is my interest going to be like?!?! Is there anything to do to take this off my credit report?

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