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I placed an order at Westy's in Memphis Tn. located on main street downtown. I was currently staying 2.9 miles away at a hotel 8 on west Illinois street. I was told by the individual that answer the phone that it would cost there was a 25 dollar minimum to deliver that far in distance. i have order from this business for the last 7 to 8 years living in midtown area further than the distance of were i was currently staying and never told that the driver chooses how much they want to charge!!! The driver showed up and then was extremely rude and basically shoved my food in my face saying they never deliver this far when i had just received an order the precious week. Then after talking to thwe manger both me and my souse which are a gay married couple was told we were drunk when this was a false allegation. However, yes i take medication for pain and was waiting to have surgery for a medical condition. the pain medication does sometimes make my tongue somwhaqt thich which can make an individual sound drunk. However, as a Student finishing a Master;s degree in social work i can say I was noit drunk and i was treated very unfairly and charged unfairly! Basically the driver charged an extra 10 dollars. the previous week i paid 20 dollars plus a tip fpr the same order but this week i was told i'd have to pay 29 dollars and of course i still tip the driver1 Really 2.9 miles is out of there way! I can say in 9 years it was never out of there way to drive nearly 5 miles to my house in midtown. this is truly unheard of and very unfair to the customers . I was also told by the manager that i would have to make a deal with the driver for a lower price which i had never heard of that being a business practice of a respectable establishment.

Nov 10, 2016
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  • Jt
      Nov 11, 2016

    Sorry for the few misspelled words! i'm pretty tired and very angry!!! I was trying to say spouse in the one sentence and in the other about the fact that the side effects of the medication makes my tongue thick in which can make me sound a little drunk but by far i was not drunk and did not care for there assumption. In fact as far as i know they do not have a degree in medicine or toxicology to make that diagnosis of intoxication. However, i as a mental health care professional could make that assessment.

    Jason Thompson, SMSW, BS, CMHPP

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  •   Nov 15, 2016

    The words "I" and "I'm" should always be capitalized.

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