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Westwood College Online / TILA & Higher Education Act of 1965 Violation

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I obtained both my MBA and Finance and BBA in accounting from this institution. While the curriculum was great, their business practices violate TILA and the Higher Education Act of 1965. I was an MGIB and Title IV student.

Near the end of my BBA program, I was told I would have a balance of $3414 that would not be covered under Title IV, so I paid that amount with my income tax. Keep in mind, that at the beginning of the program I signed a cash payment document stating that my payments would be $596.51 a month, because I was an MGIB student. Year 2 and 3 there, they upped their tuition amount and I was never required to sign another cash payment document, as there practice required. If the $3414 was not bad enough, there was still a balance, and near graduation I had to apply for a Signature Loan. This was the same type of exit counseling others have referred to in their complaints.

One of my instructors recommended the MBA program, because it would increase my earning potential. I contacted the MBA representative and told him, I would only take the program if I didn't have to apply for private loans or signature loans. The interest rates are extremely higher on those loans that Title IV loans which were only 6.5% and 6.8% at the time. He told me that the whole program could be met under these loans. I had to wait until I completed my BBA program to submit my FAFSA for my MBA program, so Westwood could receive funding for that period.

I graduated from my BBA in October 2007 and started my MBA in October 2007 as well. I graduated in October 2008, and in December I get a bill in the mail from Unisa in the amount of $9695.00 with a double digit interest rate. I immediately call Unisa. They tell to contact my school. Next I call financial aid, and get the usual run around treatment, so I'm told to contact the business office. The business office has no clue either, so finally I talk to a supervisor. She says I fell threw the cracks, because financial aid used the original MPN from my Bachelor's program, which should have been updated. From my understanding the MPN lists lenders on there, and one of the lenders backed out in May, and I can no longer get the Title IV loans I was originally promised. I told her I want the same Title IV deal, because I have the option to defer those loans, consolidate them, and I can negoitate payment on them, with one of their lower my payment programs. I can also work for the IRS as well as other government entities and have them pay $10, 000 a year for up to 6 years on my Title IV loans. She says that they can defer payment on the loans for the same 6 months you get on Subsidized and Unsubsidized federal loans, but I have to sign a prommisary note. They send me one in April, backdated and I disagree to the terms, and e-mail her back. I am ignored. They didn't lower the interest rate, and only deferred it for 3 months. So 3 months later, I start getting bills again. I try to contact this lady via e-mail. No response. They also promised "orally" that it would never hit my credit report.

Finally, I get a collection agency bill in the mail, and since I'm a finance major, I know that they have to verify the account, before they collect in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Debt Collectins Act. Meanwhile I contact the Federal Trade Commission, and due some research on my own. I used to be a Mortgage Broker, and I know first had there are certain disclosures you have to make when issuing loans under the Truth In Lending Act (or TILA). I do a lot of research, and under Part F of TILA it discusses student loans. Some are exempt from disclosures, but it mentions the Higher Education Act of 1965. Both TILA and the Higher Education Act of 1965 discuss the situation the situation I am facing now.

I have to wait 30 days after the school has received my verification letter to take any additional action, and I have 10 days to contact the credit bureaus. I can submit a statement to this account, but I want it off my credit report. Negative items prevent me from seeking employment in the accounting and finance areas. Now, I am in the process of filing a suit, and I found this site. I am wondering if anyone on here, who has had problems with financial aid would be willing to either join me in a law suit, or send me a notarized letter stating how they too fell victim to Westwood's fraudulent practices.

Crystal Jefferson

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  • Da
      14th of Dec, 2008
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    Westwood College Online - Invasion of privacy
    Westwood College Online
    United States

    Westwood College Online has sent me numerous emails and letters regarding my loan with Sallie Mae. I have not given Westwood permission to acces this informatrion and it is none of their business. Westwood College Online have repeatedly offerered their help with this loan;I have not requested any help from Westwood with my Sallie Mae loan. I have not requsted any credit from Westwwod College and I have not given them permission to run a credit report on me. This is a malicious and unwarrented invasion of my privacy. After reading literally hundreds of complaints made against Westwood College nad Westwood College Online I have not found any that mention invasion of privacy so I would like to know why I am being singled out for this type of harassment.

  • Re
      7th of May, 2009
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    I too was cheated by them...I lost many years and money because of email address is Westwood got sued by 60 students in Texas and the students won. Lets do it again.

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