Westwood College Of Technology - Denver South CampusWestwood is the Worst School!!!!!!


I graduated high school in May 2001 and with pressure from my parents about going to college; I looked into Westwood for a computer networking degree. The rep came to my house and made it seem like it was a really great school... "we help students find jobs"; "The teachers are industry professionals" and the the kicker "You'll expect to make good money with a degree from westwood".

SO...I signed up. I started school August of 2001 and going for an Associate degree in Computer networking; expected to be graduated by 2003.

It seemed to be going ok, except for...
-- the teachers sucked
---The teachers would basically tell you that your getting into something that you'll never get a long term job in (many of the tech teachers would tell us how they have jumped around from job to job and now are teaching us because they couldn't find anything else)
--- Westwood Charges way to much for their crap education

and finally --- So now it's 2003 and I'm a couple months away from graduation. Westwood is supposed to help you start getting together your resume and giving you positions to apply for. I tried to make appointments, but kept getting blown off. That was the last straw...I withdrew from westwood (wish I had done it before getting so far into it).

To this day 08/15/2009...I still owe about 7, 000 on my nelnet student loans. Last year I decided I wanted to try and go back to school, so I tried requesting my transcript from westwood only to find out that they think I still owe them (the school it self) about $5000.00 which was never mentioned to me upon leaving westwood and has never been requested from me in the 5+ years that I have not been at westwood, so they wouldn't give me my transcript until I pay that money (I told them to shove it up their ###). But it wouldn't have mattered if I did get it...because the school that I was applying for advised me that "Credits from westwood weren't transferable to their school"...WELL Thats Awesome!!!

I know quite a few other people who went to westwood that graduated with bachelors degrees; one in graphic design and another in software programming. Neither one has a job in there field and neither one had help from westwood in finding a job.
WESTWOOD SUCKS. so if you're thinking about going here...DON"T!!! RUN AWAY!!!

So I still owe a bunch of money for a degree I never got, a ### education and credits I can never transfer to a REAL school!

Westwood College Of Technology - Denver South Campus

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