Westside ChevroletBuyer beware

I took the SECOND Corvette I purchased from this dealership in to have the bumper replaced after a gentleman backed into me at the bank. His insurance said it was his fault and would cover it. The first time I went to pick up my car it was not repaired at all, the bumper was warped still and there were still scratches. The service guy said they would replace the bumper (as they should have to begin with) and they would call me in a couple of days.

Fast forward a couple of days...I got to pick up my car and the bumper is still scratched...thinking something is up at this point I confronted the service manager about it and Nationwide Insurance, since they were paying for the repair. The service manager didn't want to hear it, said there was no scratches and the told me to "get off his lot".See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Katy, TX After looking at my vehicle records I noticed that they had charged Nationwide for a new bumper but had no invoice for it. I made NationWide aware of this since they were paying for it, the adjuster came to see me and sure enough...the part number for my bumper showed it was still the original. Not telling Westside Chevrolet in Houston that I had found this out, I went to speak to the General Manager...he told me I was full know what and that he had no idea what I was talking about. I told him I planned on suing to which he replied "go for it"...well I didn't have to sue because Nationwide sent me to another shop to have the part replaced...for real this time.

If Westside Chevrolet's Service Manager and General Manager treat someone that has purchased two Corvette's from their dealership with such contempt and as a target for will they treat the average buyer. BUYER BEWARE.

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