WestPoint GMC Katy Texas / Possibly unethical behavior

1 Katy, TX, US
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I took my car for maintenance it cost me $564.61 on 03/14/17, The next week, my air was not getting cold so I took the car back to WestPoint GMC on 03/22/17. Then they tell me it will cost me to diagnose $90. The came back and told me I had a leak in my condenser and I had to pay $650.54, then later that day I notice it was still not getting cold so I took it in again on 03/23/17 and they said it will cost me $1100 of course I freaked, the he came back and said $119, that's good, but I had no problems with my air conditioner until after I took the car in on 03/14/17, I know because I work in the field and it was working. I believe that the person who did the maintenance may have puncture or damaged my condenser. I want to know why they did not tell me about the compressor on 03/22/17 when the diagnosed my car. I believe that I should be responsible at all for the damages. They stated when I pick up my car it will be an additional $119 and some change. I am not happy! I have not had any problems with the air conditioner until after I took my car in or maintenance at WestPoint GMC in Katy Texas. I believe I should be reimbursed. They did give me a loaner car only because they say my car will not be ready until this possibly Tuesday or Wednesday, but I love my own car.

I don't know if this is Unethical Behavior but it's something.

Mar 27, 2017

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