Westjet / horrible customer service

Hamilton, ON, Canada

My flight from Hamilton to Edmonton (WS405) got cancelled tonight (July 27th). I went to the arrival/baggage desk as told, were a WestJet agent looked at my ticket told me I would be on a flight tomorrow morning and to check in online. She never once used a computer to look up any information just wrote the new flight information on my ticket. I have been staying in St. Catharines (45 min-1 hour outside of Hamilton) so I contacted somebody to come pick me up at the airport. I was never asked/offered a place to stay for the night or if I had a drive. As I'm from Edmonton I found this odd especially after I heard other passengers had been given vouchers but my ride had arrived so I left the airport. About 45 mins after leaving the airport I went to check in on my WestJet app which informed me that I was actually put on a flight leaving for Calgary tonight then a connection to Edmonton. Upon finding this information I called WestJet customer service where I had one of the aggravating experiences in my life. After explaining my situation the agent informed me that he couldn't find any cancellation for my original flight, then he couldn't understand why I left the airport, then why I couldn't just had back to the airport for the flight that was to leave in 15 mins. Finally I was able to get him to look up the flight that was leaving tomorrow (the one I was told I was one) which he informed was a direct flight from Moncton, NB to Edmonton. While this flight does originate in Moncton I know that it stops in Hamilton as I've taken it before. Finally he figures out that it does stop and Hamilton and says he'll change my flight. 5 minutes on hold later he comes back on to ask why I seem to think I need to get a flight in Moncton when I was originally leaving from Hamilton! When I try to explain that he clearly didn't understand what I was talking about he hung up on me!!! I didn't yell at this agents, I didn't curse despite being upset, all I did was try to explain again and this is the response I got. After this incident I called again and dealt with another agent who was able to change my flight and informed that it is not WestJet's policy to hang up on customers but that all supervisors had left. She at least took my information and filed an after hours report for a supervisor to call me back in the next 24-48 hours. When I get a call I will be asking for a refund for this flight.

Jun 27, 2015

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