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Ottawa, ON, Canada

So on October 9th my husband and I we're supposed to be we were supposed to be flying from Penticton BC to Calgary Alberta our flight was supposed to leave at 3:15 I got notification that it was till 3:40 I got another notification saying it was to 3:55 meanwhile the scanner X-ray machine for luggage was broken in Penticton so they had to scan everybody's luggage by hand or go through by and which took a while cuz it was a full flight which means we missed our connecting flights we left late so we missed our connecting flight to Ottawa which was supposed to leave at 6:15 p.m. we never arrive till Calgary until 5 to 7 p.m. so we went to the service desk for WestJet and they told us we're sorry but we have no more flights flying. Oh well then next available flight is 9:30 in the morning we asked them if they would put us up or do we have to sit in the in the chairs at the airport and they said well we don't put people up yes you'll have to sit in the chairs or with your own money and get a hotel room we were not happy so we are going from 7 at night till 9:30 more so that's what 14 and a half hours that we would have to sit in those chairs in the airport that wasn't happening on a few medical problems and no it was not going to happen so we end up having to use our own money to book a hotel because we missed our connecting flight we were getting a home till 9:30 the next morning which means my husband lost a full day of wages no we're really not happy we get we're supposed to get on our flight at 9:30 we get out on 9 930 flight they push us out onto the tarmac the captain comes on saying sorry the planes broken they're going to Toys back in with to get another piece from another plane and put into this plane shouldn't take long we all stay in the plane we wait finally comes back on and says well that didn't work not everybody has to get off the plane we have to walk to the other end of the airport get on new flight but now they're not born us now until noon so there is a a two and a half hour delay again I understand the plane was broken but like seriously so now we've been at the airport from 7 p.m. the previous date until we're still at noon still in the airport we haven't been on the aircraft yet so that's what 12 17 almost 18 hours that is not acceptable they never accommodated us with a room no food no nothing there you go back to lunch yet I'm not happy with WestJet right now I really like it if somebody could contact me back and talk to me about this cuz I'm really not happy especially with my husband losing a day of Wages that's just totally unacceptable. My name is Wendy Seguin my number is [protected]. I'm looking forward to someone contacting me. Thank you

  • Updated by Wendy Seguin, Oct 16, 2018

    This is Wendy Seguin I'm adding this to my complaint my reservation code is MMDEPF. We were to depart from Penticton British Columbia on flight WS 3280at 15:15pm to arrive in Calgary at 17:21pm to then get on flight ws 612 and leaving at 18:15th arrive in ottawa at 00:02+1day. That didn't happen my number is 613-301-8447

Oct 16, 2018

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