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I purchased my Villa uuu-06 week 26. I paid $13, 700.00, in June of 1994. I could travel anytime because this was the July 4th week. I paid for my timeshare in full 9 months later. My interest was 17% on the above and my taxes and dues was initially about $300.00. I purchased this villa to take my children and foster children on a nice vacation yearly. The key to not being riped off is to pay for the timeshare in full if possible and always buy during the red week.

I lost my time share because I signed it over to my daughters father to pay a judgment that was placed against my name in 2003. My daughter was molested my an unknown sexual perpetrator while in the custody of her father.

Before I signed my property over to Dr. Williams Jr., Lawyers Watson and Brown of Wheaton, IL. I pleaded and begged Westgate to give me the value of the property. I asked them to tell me what my villa uuu-06 week 26 would be sold for today (2003), They refused. The kept giving me the whole sale price. I know back in 2003 to purchase my Villa with WestGate it would cost approximately $28, 000.00. I became unemployed and had no savings trying to protect my child through the judicial system.

I could not get a realestate agent to do an appraisal because the price is set by WestGate. I signed the property over to the lawyers and I asked them for a satisfaction of judgment (SOJ) letter. The threaten me with contempt of court if I did not sign the Quit Claim Deed immediately.

I had an attorney Vicent Cook or Aurora, to represent me but I had no more money so he did not conclude the case for me. The Citation to discover assets was dismissed but I never got a SOJ. The court order was for Edith Brown to sell the time share and apply the proceeds towards the judgment. She never sold the time share. She signed the timeshare over to Dr. Williams Jr., because he already paid her fees.

I Turned over the timeshare as a settlement to my bankruptcy I filed when Judge Hallock, of the Kane County Court decided that my daughter was born with her hymen torn and her father at the time was a deacon in his church so he could not have touched her.

Watson and Brown (W & B) placed a Memorandum of Judgment against my name August of 2002, and my Discharge of Debtor was granted April 2002. I signed my Timeshare over to W & B on April 1, 2003. The deed was placed in Dr. Williams Jr name on May 1, 2003.

I tried to refinance my house in 2005 and could not because their was a MOJ against my name. It was not in the Court file after some research I found it listed with the recorder office.

I contacted the original attorney that handled my Bankruptcy and she contact Edith Brown. After two months Brown responded and said her client wants $35, 000.00 more from me for a SOJ letter. Willliams has vacationed at WestGate for 2 years at this point. I had to get Yet another attorney I was still unemployed and he tried to get a clarification of Judgment from Judge Larson who allowed the case to drag on for 18 months. Then a temporary Judge in the courtroom was Thomas Stanfa, schedule a pretrial conference but I was dismissed and he decided that the time share I turned over to Dr. Williams in 2003 was only worth $15, 000.00

Judge Thomas Stanfa, subtracted the $15, 000 from $29, 435.52 against me in 2003 which came to $14, 465.52. I was charged 9% statutory interest per annum form 4-1-03 to [protected] on the adjusted judgment of $14, 465.52 which was $5, 410.19.

The total judgment against me as of [protected] is $19, 875.71, I was refused credit for the banked time of 2 weeks that he got when I deeded the property to him. I was refused credit for the time he has used the timeshare since 2003. Brown has not not provided a SOJ letter for the original amount and now I have the second judgment for $19, 875.71 which is still occurring interest.

WestGate and the others listed above in their quest to make money off of anyone they can has ruined my life. I feel so much pain and noone can help me. I reported the attorneys Watson and Brown and they were rewarded for Due justice for their client. Why, are bad people allowed to do these things and get away with it. I never got my day in court from Thomas Stanfa. I discovered the judgment against my name in 2005 and fought both in and out of court for two years and the judge decided I was the bad person.

I have no money and I have no more energy to fight! On top of all this my baby now 16 think she is gay. She remembers what he did to her and she is afraid of intimacy with men.

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  • Mi
      May 26, 2011

    The Westgate people and sales machine is ruthless and almost criminal. But let the buyer beware holds true here. I bought at Westgate Lakes and my Time share for Presidents week is almost untradeable for anything that I would conceive of wanting. This is the opposite of what I was told to expect.
    As far as your 16 year old being gay, why is that even in here?

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