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Western Sky


Loan Denial

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Western Sky
United States
I was told my loan was denied due to my direct deposit going to my saving rather than my checking. It is the same bank and if they had taken the time to look at the statement, they would see that my bank will deduct the money from my saving to take care of any balances for my checking. I am very, very, very, very disappointed and I was in great need of this loan.
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A  9th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
I applied for a loan earlier this year and was approved but decided not to accept it based on their ridiculous fees when paying back your loan. Western Sky had the audacity to send me a letter in the mail claiming THEY denied my request! NO!! The truth is I had the common sense to deny doing business with them!! Why would anyone accept a $5000 loan having to payback over $40, 000 for it?!?! THEY ARE WORSE THAN LOAN SHARKS!!!
N  2nd of Mar, 2012 by    +1 Votes
This is true! i applied for a loan and was at first approved and after faxing things for several days they denied me because my income wasn't 1800 per month!! they never said that!!! they are a fraud!!!
A  7th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
Whatever money problems you may have, they will be tenfold in trying to pay back this loan! Payday loans aren't good, but at least it's not a great amount that you actually owe.
N  11th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
While I understand that if you get a loan from Western Sky or any other similar type of financial company the pay backs are very high, I think one needs to understand that they are not a charitable institution and that because one does not have the means, ability, credit, collateral to obtain a low interest rate loan from a bank, you either do without or take the risk.
These types of financial companies are taking a very high risk lending money to people that have a record of not paying back loans, instability of employment, no collateral, no stability within their lives, as well as financially .And so consider yourself lucky if someone is willing to lend you money if you have nothing to offer. These types of companies provide a service, that no others will even take a chance doing because of the risks.
The only people that should borrow money from Western Sky or similar type of company are those that know what they are doing and have a REAL plan to pay it back. If you know you are going to have trouble paying the money back, then don't borrow it! If you can't pay it back, they will do everything within the law to get paid what you CONTRACTUALLY agreed to. It is that simple. You are not special, and no one owes you anything.
N  13th of Jun, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I just received a Western Sky Loan/Cash Call..The terms was explained to me very well..This is the understanding I got from it...This is a interest only loan..Nothing goes toward the principal unless you are unfortunate enough to have paid all four yrs which will leave you paying 14, 400 on a 2500.00 loan..This loan by no means should be intended for long term use...you will pay $294.00 monthly until you're able to pay the balance on what you borrowed..So if you pay for 6 full months...you would hv paid them $1764.00 dollars...free clear money..You would still owe the entire $2600.00 after 6 months...Do the math on anything longer.This is how they make money.You can accept or reject it, but if you have considered them then that tells me you have been rejected locally for whatever reasons...If you think about payday loans and finance company ..title loans it's no different...Trust me I've done them all except title loan..They where gonna charge me $875.00 a month on a $3500.00 loan...I almost lost my breath!!LOL..Money mutual charge $300.00 on a thousand for payday loan..I hope this help anyone who is confused or considering this type of loan..Thank you
N  20th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
One thing that I have found out since being stupid enough to get a loan with these people is that they don't even keep the loan mine went right away to a company called cash call. If I would have known this I would never have gotten the loan. There are the worst kind of bottom feeders. Also check the laws in your state before dealing with these people. In the state I live in they are not licensed to provide loans. And per the attorney general there is a cease and desist order aginst them. I have consulted an attorney and the attorney general of my state they have both told me that I am only responsible for the principle of the loan which means I owe them 200.00. Which I sent them in a money order. Funny enough I got the money order back today and recieved an email telling me how to send them the 2800.00 to complete the loan obligation. Don't deal with these people. And don't let them scare you with the souverign status c**p. If you are stuck in this trap close your account and report them to the attorney general of your state, the BBB, and the FTC.
N  20th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
It's very apparent that most of the people on here want something for nothing, and do not believe in paying their debt...Now it's very evident why you have to resort to a company like this.How could anyone with a clear conscious borrow money then don't even want to pay back any of it at least the borrowed amount...Then you fish around to find a loophole to make you feel about about out right stealing.Why didn't you put as much energy and effort into finding out about this company license before stealing there money...Shame on you United States Of American citizens...This is pathetic...A blog set up to teach people how to legally steal!!!WOW
N  22nd of Jun, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I certainly hope Ms Helper never finds herself in a tough fix in life and find herself in this kind of situation as others do because she would certain eat ALL of those insulting words.
A  24th of Jul, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Hopefully many or any persons looking at Western Sky read the TV Commercial Disclaimer! Borrow $10, 000.00, pay it back in 48 months at $743.93 per month at 89.25% that is $.90 on the dollar borrowed APR. Will Someone call the Federal Trade Commission PLEASE1, AND other financial institution overseer. IT is Illegal, even if they disclose.
N  30th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am glad that I read all of these statements before i actually filled out their application... Thanks to everyone that posted their comments. You guys saved me a bunch of money...
N  1st of Aug, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I just saw that Western Sky will lend you $10, 000.00 if you meet their very "relaxed" requirements. After looking into this, I found that a $10, 000.00 loan will have you paying back 743.99 a month for 84 months! THAT'S CRAZY!!! $62, 495.16 for $10, 000.00???
WTF?!?!?! I understand they take a higher risk, but REALLY?? Over 6X's the amount back?? That's the equivalent of actually being raped. Just financially. How can you NOT feel dirty after screwing someone out of money like that?? I understand business is business, but I know God has a special place for people who take advantage of other people like that.
I bet there are a bunch of bitter Indians sitting behind desks just laughing at the white man & knowing some how some way they're gonna screw over their wrongdoers ancestors.. AWESOME mentality. It just sickens me @ how badly they're messing desperate needy people over. Yes, some people put themselves in that predicament, but what about the ones who are actually good people who deserve a second chance and not a financial raping. And the sad thing is people will accept those terms cause they have no where else to go. Sad, sad, sad...
N  17th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
thanks all. i read all of this before applying. sounds like a bad vegas movie about loan sharks. no way am i proceeding. thanks so much all for your comments that saved me before i made an awful mistake
A  21st of Aug, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Plain and simple, it's a huge rip off and anyone taking this loan deserves what they get, A GOOD INDIAN SCALPING .
N  31st of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
UNBELIEVABLE...I just got the best deal on earth. Western Sky loaded me $20, 000. I used my mothers house as collateral. These guys gave me 7 whole years(84 months) to pay them back. All I pay back is $1487.86 per year...for 7 years(84 months) that a total pay back of $10, 415.02 on a $20, 000 loan.These guys must really like people and have a great write off system. Thank You Western Sky for the help.
A  6th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
I borrow money from Western Sky who immediately sold it to cash call. I found out that this loan is illegal in the State of Georgia and that I am only required to pay back the principle. Apparently they are not license in the Georgia. Also the Usury law applies. Check your state to find out about your Usury Law.
D  12th of Nov, 2012 by    -1 Votes
There are television ads regarding Western Sky and states that if you have been denied to apply again. This I have done and have received other loans from my own city bank and have had a good customer relationship with them. If this company does not honor requests thru television ads, then they should not even be advertising their company. I thought I would try this loan ad but found it does not work like they claim in the ads they run. This company should reconsider and close down if they have such negative reviews and it is posted on the internet for your comments. Shame, shame, shame. No business sense with this company!
N  28th of Nov, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I can understand how people can get desperate and feel they need to turn to someone like Western Sky but read the fine print? These people are basically no better than a loan shark with outrageous interest rates and payback. I caught their add and the fine print and on a $10, 000 loan you would be paying back over $87, 000! That's just unreal that they would take advantage of desperate people like that. People like that should be banned and outlawed like pay day loans were in my state. It's just a shame people get desperate and will turn to anyone but please do your research before you jump in the water with a loan shark. I'm glad I never did.
N  2nd of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Wow, I am in shock. I have been a bit down on my luck due to some recent medical issues and had a large medical bill go to collections. This sunk my credit rating. During that time I also defaulted on a couple personal loans but since caught them up. Not before it killed my credit rating. I have tried numerous banks/credit unions I was affiliated with with no luck. While up late one night watching TV I saw their commercial. I decided I would apply online since it was late around 2am. As soon as I hit the submit button my phone started ringing. I answered expecting an emergency at that time of night. It was a man with a strong Indian accent wanting to discuss business on the loan I "JUST" submitted for. I thought it was rather odd but i obliged and provided him the additional info and he walked through the process. After I heard the terms and agreements I quickly stopped him and stated I was no longer interested due to the High fee's and crazy interest. He ignored me and kept talking. I cut him off again, He began to get frustrated with me and asked "CAN I PLEASE FINISH?" I stated I didn't want to waste his time as I had decided against it. He became extremely rude and stated "I already wasted his time and mine by filling out the online request" I agreed and apologized, I stated had I known the interest rate I wouldn't have even applied. He advised me the info was online and I "SHOULD HAVE DONE MY HOMEWORK" before applying. At this point I was getting testy myself. I told him I was sorry for wasting OUR time and to please take my info out of the system. A week later I got a deny letter in the mail. I also got an alert from equifax that I had 3 new alerts 1. Cash call, 2. western sky financial, 3. Everest cash llc. . Unknowing that anyone other than Western Sky would be accessing my credit this was very alarming. I called and disputed them with the credit agency. Since that night, I have on average 2-3 times a day, random numbers calling. At first I answered and it was an Indian gentleman who claimed that I was past due on my Cash America payday loan. I advised him I have never taken out a payday loan. He verified my info including my address and SSN#. I was concerned and asked him to mail me the documents to my address that shows proof I owe this. He became Irate and threatening, calling me obscene names. I hung up on him! Now random people from the same company call and leave threatening Voice-mails stating they are filing suit against me in my state and failure to comply will result in my arrest. The only place and only time I have given my information out to anyone other that the banks I have accounts at was to Western Sky. I can only assume this is where my information was leaked or stolen from. Please be aware and if you do get these types of calls please fill out an Internet crimes form on their website! IC3.gov
N  13th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Yes I agree with all the posts. Good and horrible! It is desperate times and people have desperate situations. But, not one of these posts said anything about the garbage the five largest banks in this country pull on the people on a daily basis. Goldman Sachs, Chase etc .Look at HSBC and their money laundering and get a slap on the wrist. Look at Wall Street, those clowns manipulate the price of gasoline to the tune of 30% at the pumps and they don't store a gallon. Whose ZOOMING who? At least Western Sky tells you upfront, Wall Street and the big banks stick it to you from behind.
A  18th of Dec, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I very sorely disagree with the person that stated that these customers were trying to get something for nothing. +80% interest rate is definitely considered getting something for nothing. I realize that since these loans are governed by the native American reservation council, they are not subject to having to follow our laws on maximum interest rates. That doesn't excuse targeting desperate people and then exploiting them with ridiculous fees and interest rates...then, having the audacity to attest that they are doing them a favor. Sad, sad, sad

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