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Western General / Extended warranty scam!

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Phone: 800-242-9442

This nov 07 i took my car to the local mercedes benz dealership were it was purchased new and were the western general extended warranty was purchased just before the factory warranty ran out. I purchased the warranty in march 07 and this was the first chance i have had to use. The car was found to need both thrust arm bushings (Control arm bushings) replaced. Western general denied the claim because thrust arm bushings, as mercedes benz refers to their control arm bushings, is not listed on their covered items.

Though control arm bushings are covered under western general coverage, but because mercedes refers to these as thrust arms, and the term thrust arm is not mentioned in the covered item section, they will not cover it. Now, since the control arm on my mercedes is referred to as the thrust arm and not control arm, i was told by western general that basically none of the control arms on my car will ever be covered because they are referred to as thrust arms by mercedes benz.

What a lovely bit of western general word trickery to get out of having to pay for this repair. What a despicable practice. Absolutely shameful! And this is the only warranty mercedes benz sells. Shameful, shameful. I am planning on canceling what is left of this warranty and using the money to pay for the repair.

My advice ** same as the persons before me**do not buy extended warranties through western general, they are a nightmare company that will never give an honest straight answer.

See you on youtube wg!

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  • Na
      16th of Jan, 2008

    I purchased a 2002 bmw 330xi two weeks ago from apple bmw of york. I also purchased the western general extended warranty for 2.2k. The materials had a picture of a car and examples of prices for things covered under the warranty. One of the items was a fuel pump with the example price of $450. (Important later). So, i took my car into the dealership for service because something was wrong with the fuel gauge. I received a call from the dealership that the fuel sending units were bad and needed replaced. So, they called western general to get approval. I get a call from the dealership that they denied the claim because that 'part' was not covered. Yet, this 'part' is in the fuel pump, and in order to fix this part, the fuel pump needs replaced. I called western general myself to see if i could get someone to explain this. I had jerry on the phone from western general. He was so uninformative and unhelpful that it took everything in me to not hang up the phone. He explained that because that 'part' was not listed on the contract, that they do not have to pay for it. Anyone with some basic awareness would know that almost everything has 'parts' to it. That by adding the 'parts', you get a whole. If a fuel pump is covered, and any one of the parts of the fuel pump goes, western general says too bad for you, its not covered. Jerry repeated this to me, "fuel pumps are covered, the parts are not." so i am stuck with this worthless 2k warranty that covers nothing from western general. Please take my advice, and do not buy anything related to western general. Do not make the 2k mistake i made. Do not buy western general extended warranty.

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  • La
      18th of Mar, 2008

    I too have been screwed by western general. It's really unfortunate that one invests $2,000 dollars for something to make you feel safe about your purchase and all for nothing! My car broke down completely and of course due to the "fine details"; western general is not covering it. Also on top of that, the car company from which i purchased the warranty is called image auto sales and they are in fresno, ca on blackstone ave. They are completes "###"...Have been nothing but rude to me about this whole disaster. Plus they have given me the runaround for the past 4 months about helping me get my money back from western general. And now that my cancellation notice has been sent to western general; i have yet to hear from them either nor of course have i received a refund. It's unfortnate that we have some horrible business practices out there. How are we supposed to get ahead with these types of practices. Do not purchase warranties that have any affiliation with western general and if you are in fresno, california, do not purchase a car from image auto sales!!! Crooks!

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  • Li
      31st of Mar, 2008

    I hate western general. I just took my car to the shop for two things they told me were covered. I have a 2002 toyota 4 runner. The antenna motor went out as well as the motor for the window. They will not cover it because the part in both of the motors is not covered. Go figure!! Spend a couple of grand for nothing in return!! The story with all of the warranty companies!! They suck do not buy anything from them!!!

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  • Gr
      7th of Apr, 2008

    This is a freakin' nightmare. My car wouldn't start on Saturday, so thinking it was the battery, I called AAA for a jump. I did not have the number for Western General's Roadside Assistance as it is "conveniently" not in their brochure which was all I had in the car. Since I knew they wouldn't cover a battery anyway, I figured it wouldn't matter who towed my vehicle. The shop of the dealership where I bought the car closed at 1:00pm, and since there was no way I could get the car there before they closed, I had it towed to another shop. About 2 hours later, I find out I would need a new started to the tune of $700. I called the 800 # on the contract and got a message that their offices were closed. At no time did they say I need to remain on the line for a reference number to get service. So I read their whole contract and saw that under "emergency services" I was allowed to take my car to a shop for "reasonable repairs" and should then call them on the next business day, which I did. After being grilled by the rep, she tells me they are going to deny the claim because I didn't get a reference number. I gave her the full details and told her at no time did the instructions say I had to have a number and that the contract (which I read to her) said I was within the guidelines to do what I did. Emergency repairs were described as "repairs which, if not performed to your vehicle, would impair the future operation of your vehicle." Without a starter, the car does not run - I think that impairs the operation of the car. I am faxing the bill to her tomorrow. She has given me some hope that she can have it reviewed by a supervisor. I hope so because it will not stop here. I am tired of these companies who take our money and when we have the audacity to put in a claim, they do whatever in their power to make us pay again. If they don't make good, this is only the start for me. From the dealership, to the Better Business Bureau to the Attorney General's office, it will not be the last time they hear from me. And even if they do show me the money, people need to hear about this company and the way they rip us off for a service we pay a dear premium for.

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  • Hi
      26th of Mar, 2009

    I used to work for them! That's what we do, screw you out of your money! Even the big bosses seem to boast about it from time to times. They know exactly what they are doing, and are legally secure in their practices. All I can say is stay as far away from the company as possible!!! EVERYONE!!!

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  • Po
      10th of Apr, 2009

    I am going through the same thing. I blew a head gasket on my car and these guys won't cover the intake bolts let alone make my car safe to drive!! We will see just how legal fraud is in the court system!!

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  • Po
      10th of Apr, 2009

    I am going through the same thing. I blew a head gasket on my car and these people will pay for only parts that failed i.e. the head gasket! They apparently don't see the big picture. A head gasket blowing means the engine done. They won't even pay to replace the intack bolts!! They refuse to make my car safe to drive. This has to be illegal!

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  • Sg
      15th of Apr, 2009

    I have had 3 western general warranties and getting ready to buy another one for my truck...never had any problems with them, actually prefer them to the factory warranty. I think what has happened to the people who feel they got screwed was the dealership and not western general. You need to be aware of the levels of coverage, if you want everything covered make sure you purchase the "exclusionary" coverage, it lists what is not covered and leaves no room for interpretation.

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  • Kp
      17th of Apr, 2009

    I have a western general warranty on a Ford Excurrsion needed some repairs and had everything on the brouchere called western before repairs and they said it is a covered item after the dealer called them they said it is not .. It is a Scam better to use anyone else

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  • St
      13th of May, 2009

    I've had several Western General service contracts through the years and have had no problem getting every claim covered. As was posted a couple of posts up, you need to get the top coverage level. To repeat, in that type of contract, it tells you exactly what it does not cover. Everything else is covered, period. I had a Mitsubishi Starion, a very complicated car with lots of things to break (many years ago), an Acura Legend, and a Chevy Blazer all covered by Western General and all claims were paid with no hassle at all. On the Blazer, they paid for thousands of dollars in repairs (transmission, power window motors, starter, AC compressor and fans, alternator, etc.). The warranties were well worth it.

    That being said, sometimes the reps at the dealerships do not disclose what the coverage levels will do, or not do. You need to be an educated consumer and understand the contract and what you're buying. As already noted, those contracts that just tell you what is covered leave too much to interpretation. I probably wouldn't buy one of those. You want coverage that tells you simply what is NOT covered, and be sure it clarifies that everything else IS covered. Don't just read the sales brochure. Read through every word of the actual contract and don't buy it unless you do that. Then, if you have any questions, call Western General directly and ask them. Their number is easy to find, right on their web site.

    And finally, this type of (good) contract can be expensive, but remember that all prices are negotiable, including for service contracts.

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  • Le
      1st of Jun, 2009
    Extend Auto Warranty - Auto Warranty
    United States
    Phone: 516-858-7178

    THe usual extended auto warranty phone call which comes regularly

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  • Mr
      18th of Dec, 2009

    I have had the same experience with this company. I bought this warranty service for my 2007 Jetta. and they did not pay my claim saying the term that is used in the repair work order is not covered. Iasked to cancel the serivce and it has been 4 weeks, and i havent recievd the refund yet. I am still paying interest on the 2000 dollars they owe me. I am also going to report them to BBB. Dont know if that is going to do any good. But you must have read again and agin in this thread, i want to repeat it, DO NOT BUY THE SERVICE FROM THIS COMPANY. They are useless.

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  • En
      31st of Mar, 2010

    Just got off the phone with western general, my 03 Mercedes Purchased in July of 2009 from Continental Acura of Naperville Il where I asked for the most inclusive 3rd party warranty. Well my "warranty plan " does not cover the cooling system thus I am more than likely out close to $7000 that I paid $3000 for won't cover what ever caused coolant in my transmission! Bean without a car for over a weak while Aristocrat Motors of Kansas City
    1 Waited for an inspector from Western General.
    2. Still waiting for their lab to tell if it is coolant in the transmission !
    Most likely I am screwed ! Is it the dealer? Is it the warranty ? either way I would have done better spending 3 grand on Lottery tickets!
    Part of the problem is these are not warranties these are insurance policies, most insurance is in almost all states highly regulated, You would need a licenses to sell me my "auto Policy' but anyone can sell a "auto care insurance policy" So yes the system screws us I can't even find my policy on line to view !

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  • Di
      16th of Apr, 2010

    Purchased a Vehicle 4 weeks ago...also purchased a $1600 all inclusive policy with this company. While on a trip my transfer case started to fail...gasket mainly, leaking. What a nightmare. Happened on a dealership on Monday. Tuesday WG called dealer back...sent "inspector" on Thursday...had to call them 10 times to get an answers from them...Friday they denied my claim saying it was pre-existing. Funny cause after I bought this vehicle I took it to a shop and had "all" that was wrong with it fixed. I was underneath it and there was no leaks...apparently from a photo they can tell it is "pre-existing" they are the CSI of leak 1)rental car for a week...2) $1400 out of pocket expense and I feel like I got screwed. would of been better if they told me right up front to go "take a hike" it would of at least saved me $200 in rental fees. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS...IT IS A RACKET!!! I guess Sueing them will be fun!!

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  • Dm
      8th of Jun, 2010

    It appears we all share a similar love affair with the infamously reputable Western Gerneral. I feel that the best solution is a class action suit. There must be at least a "few" more people like ourselves that have experienced the absolutely stellar service we have paid so dearly for, therefore we should come together and DO something about it. Commiserating is all fine and good, however solves very little. We should make a concerted effort to form a joint endeavor. Anyone wish to be onboard with this? Singular efforts will more than likely be ignored or lost in the system. One large voice should be powerful. I've had a lifetime of being taken advantage of, it's actually liberating to see that I'm not alone on this one and that I could be part of a solution. It may be difficult for any one of us to find legal representation singularly, however a large group seeking representation may be a whole different let's tell ours...a global statement! My email address is [protected]

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  • Op
      22nd of Jul, 2010

    Same sad story--bought a 2.2k "extended warranty, " which was the highest coverage available for our car (Infiniti QX4) a year ago. It is a "limited" warranty. Buyers beware...depending on your car's age, WG will not offer the "exclusionary" coverage mentioned above. We bought the most expensive, most extensive coverage available for our car.

    Spent thousands of dollars on the insane maintenance schedule required for the warranty (about every 5, 000 miles or the warranty becomes "void"--and of course everything for "maintenance is 100% out-of-pocket), as well as replacement of many parts (belts, braking components, etc), none of which are covered. When our camshaft position sensors just recently broke, WG refused to cover the cost--even and everything in the engine block is covered (and these are in the the engine block)...apparently only if the part 1) has fluid on it (really?) AND 2) is damaged by another internal lubricated part. Since there isn't any coolant or oil on the parts, they won't replace them. REALLY?!

    Customer service repse are also incredibly rude. Made my wife cry when she called for an explanation.

    PLEASE SEND YOUR COMPLAINTS TO THE BBB. They still have this company rated at an A+ because they haven't received enough complaints to bring the score down!!!

    If you haven't been taken, tell the salesman at your dealership to screw himself when he tries to sell you this waste. No joke--unless you are in the extreme minority,

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  • Bl
      8th of Oct, 2010

    10-8-2010- I have taken my S430 in four times for the same problems- The front passenger seat SRS sensor is bad, a tire monitor is bad, and the brakes have "screamed" and "squealed" since I brought the car about five months ago. Today I took it in because the AC stopped cooling. I was told that the expansion belt was bad and they also found that the transmission mount has collapsed. The Mercedes service department representative called me to tell me that none of these items are covered on the Western General warranty I purchased which is the one that covers everything, the major one. I told the representative that I feel as if I have purchased a lemon. I plan to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office and look into other legal action on whether this is a scam warranty program that Mercedes is selling to its customers.

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  • Mi
      26th of Apr, 2011

    It is appearent in reading these posts. Most of the cosumers purchasing these warranties are uninformed and mislead to the exent of coverage they are purhcasing. So, when they have there claim denied they get mad at the warranty company that issued the insurance policy. These policies clearly explain what is and what is not covered. The top tier, sometimes referred to as a PLATINUM COVERAGE, which is an exclusionary policy outlines what is not covered. This is due to the extensiveness of component coverage and is easier to list what is not covered. The next level of coverage, GOLD PLAN, which sounds like all the negative post purchased. This is a named coverage. Meaning if it is not specifically named in your contract it is NOT COVERED! It's that simple. The top tier covers approx. 5-6, 000 components versus approx. 1200 components. Big difference. I've known Western General since 1989 and they are the only Mechanical Breakdown policy providers I will purhcase from. Just be aware of what your are buying and get a copy of the policy before hand to review. Don't take the word of the individual selling it to you. Many times the objective is to sell you less coverage for more money under the impression "It's bumper to bumper." This term may only be used to refer to original manufactures warranty.
    I hope this helps

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  • Rm
      24th of Jul, 2011

    Responding to Michael 1456
    Even the "Platinum" "bumper to bumper" coverage has lots and lots of exclusions if you read the fine print.
    Not only the maintenance items you would expect like tires and brakes, but exhaust system, throttle, clutch, trim, uphostery, paint and on and on.

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  • Ma
      2nd of Mar, 2012

    I purchased a low mileage Volvo from Maroone Volvo, Florida (Auto Nation) with and extended warrantee from Western General Auto Repair Insurance Company. The warrantee was suppose to cover everything except wearing parts and had an $100 deductible. Our Volvo broke down 500 miles from our home. We had the car towed to the nearest Volvo dealer in Winter Park, Florida. The dealer found the problem, but told us that the part was not covered in our policy. The part was $1, 000 electronic control module (without labor or cost for programming). Western General did not back their warrantee and Maroone did nothing to help the situation. Needless to say, we will never purchase or recommend purchasing a car from AutoNation and DON'T EVER BUY AN INSURANCE POLICY FROM WESTERN GENERAL. We are in the process of taking this to the Florida Attorney General's office for insurance fraud.

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