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Bought 06 audi 3 / 2 / 12 and less than ago wk later check engine light went on (Exaclty after we put 500miles on it) . Take to actual audi dealer and bad turbo. $2100 to replace and bad fuel rail pressure sensor. Diagnostic test shows light went on at 105, 308 and was reset. I had 105, 871 miles on the car as of 3 / 9 / 12(1wk had car) . They’re so good at scamming that they do all paperwork b4 u get there so they can forge the miles of whats actually on it (By less than 100) so u dont notice. That way they can claim that the light 1st went on 40 miles after you've "already owned it" so you look the 1 that turned it off initially. . . They’re professional scam artists and they want you to call b4 u come so they can rig the car so u think its beautiful and a steal at their "low" prices. . .

Truth is by the time you're done fixing it so it can work right you paid just as much as if you got from a real dealer. Dave refused to help w costs to repair or take back car for refund. He ignored calls and stated "how does he know audi is correct??!" bc dave's shell gas station mechanic looked it over and it was fine. (I have all docs to prove) they’re really good at what they do so be aware they’re all snakes and play it all cool laid back salesmen that they do so well selling all these cars look us up on bbb blah blah blah. Their gas station mechanic miles read 50miles more than what our paperwork says day we baught it. . . (Btw when i called gas station at 1st mechanic said let me call dave b4 i can give you miles that were on it until i said do u want me to subpoena them?) .

Dave did this knowingly to a family, i had my 2 small children w me (1 and 4) he has no regard if he sticks it to you or puts your lives (Kids too) in danger. . . These nice ratings on are probably friends of theirs or them writing. (All these terrible reviews that we on there are no longer visible i have no idea how they managed that) the gas station owners where they “looked over the car” also own west chester auto sales, so they’re all affliated. After making them all aware that i contacted my lawyer to file suit for a full refund (Made very clear was not a threat but in process) they forked out $1800 to replace turbo (Like they’re doing me a favor faught entire time over amount) but didn’t jump to take car back.

Buyer beware we purchased this car for $11, 000 w these type of issues and its 2012 technology can tell you when you turn c. E. L. Off after it comes on. . Its not the 1950’s!! Sure i got $1800 to repair turbo problem only bc i wasn’t going away quietly. . I don’t want anyone else to go through this so i felt obligated in today’s economy to warn. . Don’t go in blind. .

List of everything found wrong and we had replaced when wehad turbo replaced: (Within 1wk of having car) bad fuel pump, bad camshaft, bad manifold, bad plasitc housing holds oil filter (Wester chester cracked it when they changed oil “serviced it" and epoxy together another $3000+ of work on top of turbo and sensor $2100. That’s right you heard me over $5, 000 in work to car that didn’t last us a full wk!!! After not receiving my real registration in over a month i called dmv they had yet to get any paperwork. Car still titled and registered to original owner. They suggested i make complaint w professional compliance office. I called gas station owner he told me they were behind and it was all still sitting there(Mind you my bank should have title bc financed car) .

I just got registration from dmv expires on 1 / 13 bc west chester auto says i bought car on 2 / 14 / 12 and i paid $299. 10 in taxes. I actually bought car on 3 / 2 / 12 and i paid $616. 20 according to all my documents and the banks. So i forwarded all to commonwealth of pa. Hopefully people can view this and it doesn't get erased by west chester auto sales bc there were a few people that complained about them turning off lights as welll and a woman whose power steering blew out the next day w her kids in car that is gone from the cardealerreviews. Org site. Good luck potential buyers!! I am not going to have a vehicle listed as i am the owner a minute b4 i owned who knows what could have happened in those 20days b4 i owned it. . . Hit and run? You never know what people are capable of these days and things can come back and bite you years later!!

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  • Da
      22nd of Jun, 2012

    Ben and Nicole waltenbaugh purchased a 2006 audi in a AS IS -NO WARRANTY condition and after aweek they had a problem with the car and took it to a audi dealership. and audi checked it out and they came in with their check out report and it had a shop bill of $1800 per audi...ben said work with me i really like the car... so we gave him a check for the $1800..and he signed off of any future problems. thats a fact!!!...but for him to make false harassing statements that i dave gaudino have forged copys and took his tax money is slander.. they did not call to find out what happen they just started harassing me on the internet!! the mv-4st form says they paid 616.20 for taxes and thats what the owner sent in...he has contacted the state and they looked into it and the state made a mistake!!!and cashed the owner of west chester auto sales check for them!! i am not the owner so i will be suing the waltenbaughs for slander and harassment that i dave gaudino did not TAKE their tax money...the state made a honest mistake... i would appreciate a apology..

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  • Be
      22nd of Jun, 2012

    Is it legal to put out your clients full names like that? I hope so for your sake. When filling out this report properly there is a field that asks who sold the car (the salesman's name) so yes your name is in the report and you were the only person we had contact with. No one said that you "stole" any money or anything whatsoever to that fact. I simply explained that my paperwork from the DMV was incorrect and when it was corrected later I closed my complaint regarding that and did not want to further pursue anything regarding the car. I would love for you to come forth with a suit on slander as I have a car that I paid 11, 000 for, had $4000-5000 worth of warranty work done to not to mention the $2000 of my own I've put out of pocket ON TOP of the $1800 you put towards the $2100 turbo on a car that is sitting in my driveway. I can't take anywhere far bc the transmission is slipping and can only get less than $7000 for as a trade in(im out thousands in 3months). So you go ahead and "sue me for slander" I did nothing but state facts and I have to say the actual owner I spoke with this wk was more than understanding and compassionate my situation although he was unable to help me. Maybe you guys had no idea about all the issues or its a lemon but all this hostility is unnecessary.

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  • Be
      23rd of Jun, 2012

    I would also like to clarify as well that the offer of under $7000 for a trade in is on a brand new Audi. I have yet to receive a trade in more than 5000 anywhere else (honda, kia, hyundai).

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