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1 928 Jericho Turnpike, Westbury, NY, US
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Phone: 516-997-3900

Around October 2008, I received a postcard stating that my car was in need of annual maintenance service. So I made an appointment and appeared to the date to which I agreed to bring in my car. My service Advisor was a lady name Janine Lanzola. She had inquired the reason I was there and any other existing complaint I have with the car. I had mentioned that the break was producing a loud sound and that ABS lights were lighting up. After taking down my information she directed me to the waiting room and I waited there for my car to be finish. As I was waiting there, another employee approached me, he told me the charges to fix the problems I mention with my car. Due to the cost mentioned, I declined to have any service done. It is then that he mentioned that if I chose not to fix any of the above problem that I were to pay $100 for checking. To avoid this fee I agreed to only fix the break problem and not touch the sensor to avoid the possibility of having my warranty voided from the place of purchase. However, he then told me I needed to have both breaks and sensor fix to avoid that fee. So I agreed to it, I figured I will eventually have to fix it anyway. I paid for the break and the labor but the sensor was to be ordered and will be paid after installation. I was advised that I will be receiving a call when parts comes in. I felt cheated and trick into doing something that I was not ready for. In any case, I received a call to install the sensor and brought in the car to have it done. Upon my arrival I mentioned that the breaks still make a sound and to have it re-check. After paying for the sensor, I finally went home thinking everything is fix. However everyday I experienced same problem, but refuse to go back to the same place because I was afraid they are going to charged me again and not to mention it is very inconvenient waiting for a long time.

After a few months I had a different problem and decided to bring my car to another shop. It was discovered that the ball joint in my car is in need of replacement. At the same time I ask them about the lights I was still having and they had told me that my sensor was also needed to be replace. Hearing this made me so furious because a few months back Westbury took my money and made me walk away with the same problem.

I finally decided to return to Westbury Aug. 14, 2009 and showed my past receipts from them and from the shop who had said that a sensor was to be replaced. The manager who works in the morning told me that the sensor was never replaced but was not able to help me, and only advised to wait for an hour for the same peron who failed to help me from the very beginning. I left and came back after an hour and was able to speak to Janine about the situation. Janine have told me that she will fix everything and made me wait in the waiting room. After 2 and half hour she then came to me only to tell me I need a car loan because it will not be fix that day. It is so infuriating that I was trick for a service never received, and would have never known this if I never had another problem. Westbury could have gotten away with my money and I in the other hand would need to pay once again to have it fix. The worse part is they could at least expedited the process of rectifying the situation but of course not. They are very unprofessional and not to mention a thief.

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