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1 Listed, Beaumont, TX, United States

I have gotten the Law confusion with me away from my 100 percent stable and honest secure environment.Those foreign and pedifile children that is grown and locked up in Jail on the News better continue they path around suspicion they apart of not me.They better not be allowed to no longer go past taking advantage of my life around Jesus finally in my opinion.My life been got wrecked up almost with bad students who stole from Middle School and I was not old enough to report anything.Last just High School a Coach and his other student had me wrecked up in Nederland Texas yet I was swollen at the time from my troubles having to be educated with classmates who was thieves and all my life I was very Educated and smart like the rest.Their Bosses in 2014 are very strange and behave disturbing with me and most of the Communities are not as evil and concerned because it was not my fault they were the problem from the 90's and showed no progress but the problems need to stay on them and why they into hiring Criminals and not us People who maintain they rent payments and even Credibility to not give anyone power for they evil past behavior directed at me in a way still.No more information for me is to be provided.

Mar 19, 2014

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