West Kootenay Brain Injury Association / delivery of payroll package

We contract out our payroll services. Do payroll every other Monday and our package comes usually no later than the Thursday of the same week. |We now have a new driver, who cannot seem to read or deliver with any accuracy. Payroll was done Nov 6 and we did not receive our package until Nov 15, and only after I phoned the payroll company who told me that it had been delivered the day before. I them had to go searching through the building to other businesses to find where he had delivered it to. The mans name is Steve Johnstone and he is completely incompetent. Delivered the package to Silly Monkeys Day Care, saying it was for them, when the address clearly states West Kootenay Brain Injury Association. Further our office closes at 2pm, hours are clearly posted on the door, and he tried a few times, always after 2. I will be doing payroll again on Monday and if he does not delivery the package properly, it will not be me complaining, I will give your phone number to our 14 employees and they will call. This is a small town and his behavior is completely unacceptable.

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