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Please beware of the breeder named Reggie Moore located in Diamond Bar, CA. He claims his puppies are working dogs but actually buys his puppies from different breeders and then sells them for very expensive prices. This breeder doesn't actually sell his own puppies, just resales dogs from other people claiming they are his. His dogs have many issues and are not used by police and military as he claims.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Diamond Bar, CA He will pull out a contract and ask you to sign it so he can steal your money in case you regret buying the dog from him later. He will send you a link to his Facebook and ask you to look at his clients' page. All people on there were poorly fooled. He will claim that he has been breeding dogs for 40 years but his Facebook only comes back to 2015. Please do not buy animals from Reggie Moore. He is strictly out to try and make a dollar from anyone he can.

Jan 28, 2017
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  • Wh
      Aug 27, 2018

    Please beware of Malman K9 and They have a confusing website with addresses in multiple places that belong to other businesses in office complexes. Also, the phone # that is listed is for a construction company in Los Angeles. When asked a few questions, the response from them was to pay $147 for a consultation call. Who in their right mind would do business in this way? I asked two simple questions and the person on the other end would not answer either of them. I researched a bit more with other breeders and K9 training facilities and absolutely no one in the area where they claim to be located has ever heard of them

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  • Ke
      Nov 25, 2018

    I concur with the first comment regarding this guy Reggie. I wish I would’ve found this post earlier to save myself the time. I found him on Craigslist and as stated above he gave me the same sales pitch about his dogs being sold to police officers and the military. I told him I was interested in a tan and black one and he said he had one and the rest were black. I arrange to meet him at his residence to take a look at the pup and when I texted him to inform him that I was on my way there was a delay in his response. Twenty minutes later he text me saying that someone just sent him a deposit via PayPal end of text. I responded with send me your address I’m almost in diamond bar seeing he was suppose to have 8 more dogs. There was silence in heaven he would not respond after that text so when I exited the freeway I called him and wouldn’t answer hi phone. I left several messages to no avail. These type of unethical people give African Americans a bad name and no wonder why no one wants to do business with us. He’s a disgrace to the race. End of story

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  • Me
      Jun 16, 2019

    @Ken vette Agreed. I used to be close with his son Reginald Moore II. He is a scumbag loser. He's always trying to scam people and learned it from his father the dog seller

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