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I am author edward coon and the author of eclipsed destination unknown. I published with west bow after one of their so called agents edward foggs continued to call me from 2012 to mid-2014. I had hung up on this individual more times than worth 2014 once again he called. By now I had the number programmed into my phone to display his name. I answered the phone and said "hello ed, you have been calling me for some time. You have 5 minutes and then i'm hanging up". He explained that he worked for thomas nelson and they wanted to publish my book. He sold me on the idea that signing with the smaller part of thomas nelson would only bring me into the bigger part of the company as a traditionally published author if I invested in myself by going through the lower part of the company and buying a package to get started. I was unsure and something felt off, but then he stated how the staff at thomas nelson were inspired by how the story came to be. He stated this is the type of story they publish and used a selling pointing out that they west bow calling themselves thomas nelson were the ones who published heaven is for real. This really got my attention. Although there is no proof this story, is 100% true, as a christian I felt it was very inspirational. After all the father was a minister. Ok so now ed really has my attention. He asked what had inspired the story to be written?. I explained that the story was a true story that took place over 7 years, but I verbally told the story to help others for over 20 years. I explained that what inspired me to actually write it up was tragedy and music. He had asked if the tragedy had anything to do with the story? I stated only in a spiritual way. I explained that I was a former educator for drivers education throughout many schools in colorado. One of those schools being columbine in denver. After the tragedy, I wanted to help my students who were having a hard time coping with the loss of family and friends. I explained that I had written an unpublished pamphlet called lost love that I had put together at home and handed out several copies to my students to help them. A few years had gone by and I received a call from a man in branson missouri who indicated he was in the publishing business and wanted to meet with me. Now I am also a songwriter so my thoughts were he was a music publisher. I was excited so I made plans to drive down to branson in hopes of pursuing my music career. It turned out that a copy of my pamphlet had saved this man's nieces life and she wanted him to contact me. As you can imagine he inspired me by telling me this and inspired me to tell the whole story, using the words "if you can save one life with 12 pages, imagine how many more you can save with the full story". At this point, ed had his foot in the door with me. He asked if I could hold for a moment, he was going to call someone at the upper offices and see if they were interested in this story. I was on hold about 5 or 7 minutes before he returned. He got back on the phone with excitement in his voice and stated, how thomas nelson would love to publish this story. It is exactly what they are looking for and with this being a story within a story makes it all that much more powerful. It should be a best seller in no time. At this point, he has me excited. Wow, my book a best seller.? I explained I didn't have a lot of money do to all of my charitable givings. He said they work with all budgets and sold me a package that I really couldn't afford, but said just think how it will all come back once it is out. Now that dream was sold to me summer of 2014, I released the book officially 12 of 2014 and the only thing I ever heard from them was always trying to sell me more products. I could not afford their marketing tools after giving them money I should not have. I ended up doing my own marketing and using social media and speakings about my may of 2015, I was invited to come and speak in ny on september 11th at a school in upstate ny. Now at the time if you looked for anything about me or the book the only things that existed were events and social media that I had put together myself. I did not have an agent and even today when people hear I am published with west bow, agents won't even talk to me. Even though I did speak in ny several times at different locations and my book is the only book in world history to be placed in an hiistorical society museum in less than a year. West bow never kept their word. Only 2 things get you in front of the media. Lots of money to buy a 15-minute spot or a big agent and traditional publisher who put up the money to get you a 15-minute spot. It doesn't matter I have the only book in history quoted the ultimate modern day story of forgiveness and the only story in history that is compared to is the bible. The story was not written as a religious book, it's just the way it touches you. I was quoted by professors, big editors, preachers and the gospel community. With all of this, you would think I would be living the high life and the movie would have been out a year ago. Not a chance and complaining to the real thomas nelson company or it's bigger name harper collins get's you nowhere. After 3 long years and all that I accomplished on my own and even making history, these people have no clue to who I am or the story. And once again no agent will work with you unless you have made thousands of dollars being a self-published author. Just the sound of saying it makes me feel used and cheap. I signed on to be a traditional publisher and what I received was a lollypop that said sucker to join the thousands of others who put our dreams and stories in another's hands to have them crushed. So I guess you are wondering about book sales. Well, I have signed over a thousand copies in the last 3 years, but when I received a check for under $20 for all 3 years I thnk something is definitely wrong. When I questioned this west bow stated there were no sales showing. Ok so I release a book, I am the only author to speak in ny on september 11th, 2015 from anywhere, and I am the only author they have ever had and the only author in world history to have a book quoted as it is and to be put in a historical society musem in less than a year! And they say there are no book sales?? My advise don't let what happened to me happen to you. Do not sell your work to a self publisher. You can publish your own work, do your own marketing and save your sanity. You can buy a bar code for around $ 100. And isbn numer from the government yourself so you can legally sell and make a profit on your work. As far as agents, most won't talk to you and make you do a song and dance and try to make you beg to be involved and have them represent you. I'm sorry, you are the author, they work for you and not the other way around. You can also become your own agent and sell yourself as a product to the industry.

Jun 24, 2017

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