Wesbank / payment arrangement

I have a complaint against Wesbank and I have promised myself I will never finance with then again. I made payment arrangements with them 5 months ago and they requested that I go to my bank (Absa) and request that they stop the debit order and that it would kick in again as per normal from the next month. The following month, I expected for them to reinstate the debit order but was told that this was now my responsibility. When I go to my bank, they are edament that wesbank is responsible for reinstating. This has resulted in my account being arrears and me having to pay them at the bank all the time as the details they gave me for internet banking are not valid. Today I received a call from some guy (claiming to be a representative of Wesbank) that he would like to see if I still have the car and that it is still in good condition... not sure if it's a trick to get it repossessed.



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