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FW: Wesbank [protected]
My vehicle payments are three months in arrears due to my mother that was in hospital with no medical aid and I had to settle all her medical bills and I'm getting married as well. As you know all of this causes allot of strain on your financial situation as well as yourself. I asked WesBank if I can pay my dept in arrears at R8000.00 per month plus the recent installment. I send an email to Waseema at Wesbank with arrangements. She never even made the afford of coming back to me regarding this. . They can't even answer you openly on an email They even threaten me to hand back my vehicle to the bank when I'm are still busy with arrangements and waiting for WESBANK to answer my emails. A collection guy contact me saying that he will come and fetch my car or I have to pay-up the R23000.00 in the rears. This little rude, arrogant man just told me that my offer was declined and he is coming to fetch my car without a doubt. I can't see why WesBank can't accept my arrangements to try to catch up my installments in arrears. I would think that they would rather accept an offer than to go through all that hazel of collecting the car, paying someone to do all of this e.g. e.g. In today's economical situation we all have financial and other problems and I would think that a financial institution like WESBANK would be human and considerate to someone who tried to correct the wrong doing due to circumstances BUT instead they refuse to listen and help people and by listening and replying on emails and come up with a solution to fix the problem they keep their customers happy instead of chasing them away. There are lots of people out there just disappearing with stuff but as soon as you try to be honest and try to provide a solution you get treated. How does all of this work???

Nov 21, 2017

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