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wentworth direct finance
Scotland, Central
United Kingdom
i would just like to share with you all, that recently i had applied for a loan from wentworth and they accepted it, i paid my £55.00 admin fee, now i havnt heard anything from them, i have tried to call but each time i do im getting either no answer or i am 39th in the queue and it ios taking forever to go down, i am really angry that i have been ripped off, i have sent threatning letters and emails to them but nothing is working... do you reccommend anything.
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N  7th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just got the fallowing:

Date: Sunday, January 4, 2009, 1:28 AM


Congratulations as we bring to your notice, Officially of the Senate House Federal Republic Of Nigeria has choosen you by the board of committe on Appropriation And Finance as one of the final recipients of this year Contract/Inheritance file payment to celebrate this year and our Independence of the Fiscal 2009.An ATM CARD (ATM PIN-0081) has been issued out of $500, 000.00 to you. Fill out below information below for claims or call this office for further informations.

Full Name:...
Residential Address (No P.O.Box):...

DR. Abiodun Abiola
EMAIL: dr.abiodunpayout@yahoo.com.hk
A  28th of Jul, 2009 by    0 Votes
Thankyou you have just saved me from making the same mistake.Ive just received a brokers fee letter asking for £55 but i became abit concern how they was wanting a fee up front and that they were not naming the finance company you would be dealing with.Also i have had loans in the past via agents and they have never wanted the fee up front it usually gets taken out of the loan amount.So ive shredded this letter up after looking at all the complaints about this company as i have tried several times today to phone them and surprise surprise you just get a recorded message telling you a number which after 5 minutes it just jumps back up.Once again thankyou
N  21st of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
This is all the information you will ever need about this rotten company. This is for anybody who is currently dealing with them, like I once did. I'm here to shed the light on everything once and for all. This has taken a lot of research and patience so and it is my duty to share it with you all; and would welcome your additional findings. I have obtained most of this from an insider.

Wentworth Direct Finance Ltd (Company Registration Number 04017809) operate a few websites and fake loan brokers.
Wentworthcredit dot co dot uk and cus4unsecuredloans dot co dotuk .

Wentworth is a one man band owned by Anthony Grant Clayton and his mother. It operates from 4 The Mews, Wrotham Road, Gravesend, Kent DA13 0QB where legal documents and visits should be made. 63 Asylum Road, London, SE15 2RJ being his mother's address, although she is a named director. They use a BT freephone 0800 083 0632 and BT high-cost national 0870 4449800 number to dupe naive consumers into expensive APR loans as well as keeping their "brokerage fees". No loan is ever processed and their sister company Ralph Marlon is also fake.

Consumer Credit Licence Number 469755 is quoted on their literature and sites although this puts the OFT to shame. More legal action against these organisations and the individuals behind them is required by the OFT and FSA as well as HMRC who are losing tax revenue in unreported retained loan arrangement fees. While the OFT took action against Wentworth in April 2004 when they breached the law with misleading advertisements using another of their names, Direct Home Improvements Limited (Wentworth Direct Finance) they will continue to act in an illegal fashion until they anger a good lawyer. Needless to say their accounts haven't been properly made up for years - infact Wentworth Direct Finance Limited is officially dormant.

Currently Wentworth Finance employ the services of a call centre company called Symmetry plc. www dot symmetryplc dot com
They operate out of this address in Slough

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 06884740

Main tel: /phone number removed/

Here is where the real hub bubbles under the guises of an everday call centre. I should pay THEM a visit if you want your money back. They are currently managed by a revolving door of management, but you will need to speak to either a Sarah, Robin, Beverly, Simon or Harold.

Good luck. Let's tear this disgusting business apart!
A  25th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Thank you for this information. I have just recently been stupid and desperate enough to fall for it and have been waiting and waiting and phoning with no answer. Ineed to get my money back and now that I know who they are I will make a damn good effort to do it.
Thanks again.
D  28th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hello Jerry (if indeed that is your name)

My name is Michael, I am director at Symmetry-Telenet Ltd.

The information that you have posted regarding my company is inflammatory and derogatory and completely incorrect.

Before our lawyers get involved and sue you for more money than you will ever possess, I am prepared to grant you one opportunity to remove this nonsense from every forum you have mistakenly posted it on. We are, of course, writing to each web master to request removal of your libellous comments.

I am not prepared to get dragged into a long drawn out trial by email but I will speak to you on the telephone if you have the nerve to back up your erroneous allegation by calling me on 01753 251883.

Michael R Webb
Symmetry Telenet Ltd
A  9th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes

I agree with Lynsey's complaint. I applied for a loan with Wentworth Direct Finance online last week. On Friday I was called up by one of their sales people. He said that they had accepted my loan application and he was going to send me a contract, but to be able to do so he needed my card details first. He said that nothing would be deducted from my account and that I could make an agreement with WDF to pay the broker fee at a later stage. I have not returned the contract with my card details and signature, but the fee has been deducted from my account. I called the customer service today and assumed they would be apologetic and return the fee straight away. After being put on hold for 20 minutes I was told that I have to write a complaint letter. I wonder if I will ever see that money again... It surely must be illegal to deduct money from my account without my consent. I have contacted my bank and their fraud department is looking into it.
A  10th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
i paid a 59 pound brokers fee, phoned several times, got to 1st in queue and was cut off. i got a letter askin for proof of my payment, which i sent, then got a letter back saying they had no record of my payment
N  10th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
rip offs
N  14th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
wentworth direct finance took £59:00 out of my bank account without my permission i innitially asked for a loan of £1000 but decided to chasnge my mind i phoned the given number and was told to cancell in writing which i did but they took the money out of my account without my permision and now they do not answer any correspondence what can i do?
N  4th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Clive!!! Wentworth promised me the loan and said it was guarennted. I have been waiting 3 weeks and heard nothing from them - 4-10 days my ###. I will be putting this through as fraud as the company are a disgrace and i intend to take this Watchdog so the CRAP company can get shut down. They obviously havent got a business braincell between them and deserve to crash and burn. It sickens me that companys like this are actually allowed to trade!!!

I was promised a loan and never received it therefore its fraud - SIMPLE
A  17th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes

My name is Richard Kelly, I also have left a £59 with Wentworth about two weeks or so ago. I was told that if I decided not to go ahead with the loan they had already set up for me I would get £54 refunded back to me as ther is a £5 charge for the work Wentworth had done ? After reading pages and pages of comments and complaints I gather this is not going to happen. In one of the comments an address was given as shown below.

4 The Mews
Wrotham Road,

DA13 0QB

On the paper work I have got another address is given of :

Capital First Loans UK.
Ralph Marlon Ltd ( Personal Loans )
Suite 6, First Floor,
WIRA House,
WIRA Business Park,
LS16 6EB


Has any body been to one of these addresses, if not alot of people need to. We should not have to stand for the crap we are being given. Every body that in the same position should contact watch dog. If enough people do some thing will have to be done.
A  19th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Dear Michael and Clive,

Regardless of the spin you put on the actions that have been documented; it is TRUE that scams are taking place.

Customer services is near zero, speaking to an ex employee, they were TOLD to fob anyone off who wanted their fees back.

A legitimate company would not charge a fee and then tell you nothing about the application. That is where peoples' concerns are; regardless of how you distract these honest folk who probably need the money for something quite important.

Why Clive, would there even be a case against Jerry. You live in cuckoo land matey. Cuckoo Cuckoo I should say as that seems to be your native language Mr Clive McBullshitter-Shouter.

Love to all except those who should be in prison for their crimes!!
N  22nd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Fortunately i did a bit of research in Wentworth and have now avoided paying the £59 broker fee. I've only managed to do this by cancelling my card.
I do believe that the company is out to make money anyway they can be it legal or not. The only way to stop them is to minimise their incomings by making more people aware of the "scam".

Unfortunately these people have made a lot of money out of what they do and can afford expensive lawyers and and scare tactics. That's also why they believe they are invincible hence the comment above.

Make people aware word of mouth, forums, any way you can then the companies may decide its no longer a worthwhile money making scheme and move onto the next thing. And they will always move on to something else.

My best advice is trust no one, especially if its too good to be true.
N  1st of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Do you relish in people's misfortunes? What an excuse you are for a man! Taking the p**s out of someone who has misfortune to be ripped off, is not big or clever.
I today reported Wentworth Finance to the Police Fraud Squad. They were very interested about this company.
I also believe, that BBC's Watchdog have had 100's of complaints about this company, and are going to investigate. Indeed, we will find out if the above phone company is involved or not.
As for Anthony Grant Clayton. I am sure he has been on Watchdog several years ago for a pension scam. All will be revealed!!
A  17th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Literally just got off the phone to these people, i applied for a loan with wentworth 2 months ago, i didnt take it then because the guy on the phone would not send me the T&C's in print which is my legal right, this ofcourse set off alarm bells so i decided not to give my bank details to them
Ive just recieved a letter from them saying my loan is still accepted, upon calling them im told that they will take my fee THEN search for my loan, Hang on! the letter says i have a loan "agreed" £5000 over 60 months @ 15.2%, the part which is most suspitious to me is that when i asked about the fee and if i would receive it back if they couldnt find me a loan i was met with hostility, i didnt get the womens name (i know i shouldve have asked) but she proceeded to say to me "if you dont want the loan, why bloody call us!?" What sort of customer service speaks to people like that????

She did however give a brokers licence number, oppologies i didnt write it down however its different from the numbers stated above in this forum, so something fishy is going on here, i smell a very big rat so im going no where near this company, i suggest others do the same.
A  1st of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
i have received a letter saying i have been accepted 5000 over 60 months, paid a broker fee 59 hear nothing for 7 days rang this number 01753251739 they will not speak to me they said there manager will call me back... rang a nother number on the letter 08448479701 on hold for hours... rang back 1st number said to delete my details he gave me 0844 number i said i have been on hold for hours he said gd luck and hung up... this is Wentworth direct Finance ltd wrotham road gravsend kent da130br helpp
N  22nd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes

Wentworth Direct Finance - Unauthorised Fees
Wentworth Direct Finance
The Mews
United Kingdom

Applied for a loan of £5000 over 48 months. Received a telephone call the following day advising that my loan application had been accepted at an APR of 15%, however they needed to take my debit card details to authorise who I was.

I clarified if any money was to be taken from my account and the advisor confirmed that no money would be taken. However, I checked my bank account this morning to see £59 debited from my account. I have since researched this company and it seems like this is not an isolated incident and the chances of my getting my loan are very slim or will be with a much higher APR.

I cannot find any details for this company to make a complaint so have now referred to the Financial Ombudsman and to my banks Fraud team.

Stay away from this company, they are scammers!!!
A  1st of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi all,

I've had the misfortune of dealing with wentworth a long time back in the past, and I would advise anyone to stay away. In terms of brokerage fee, how often do you pay for a service before receiving it? Don't fall for anything that asks for payment up front.

Furthermore, there is nothing slanderous that has been given in the comment by Jerry, and any legal pursuits would be met with laughter by the courts. If the person responding under the name of Mr Webb is indeed a director, he obviously has a poor grasp of legality and libel, and further more, no lawyer will ever sue someone for "more money than they possess", as clearly, it is not possible to obtain any more money than one has.

Furthermore, unless Symmetry-Telnet are part of the Wentworth Group, it would be deemed a 3rd party being a call centre, and is based in the Regus building on the Bath Road in Slough. If you read clearly, Jerry's points were about Wentworth not Symmetry-Telnet, simply that Wentworth employ the services of the company, and that they were effectively the "front-line" of Wentworth.

As for Clive Gorton/Wentworth Rule (clearly the same immature person), whilst I don't want to point out your obvious inability to write clearly in a manner which is not foul mouthed, it's difficult to not mention how it is just plain stupid. You're going to get the Real IRA to bomb someone's house? That's kind of bull you expect to hear from a 14 year old chav in Northern Ireland, not a millionaire living the high life!

Fortunately for me, the days of needing any form of credit are over, it's funny but I've discovered scamming people isn't the only way to make millions, one simple smart idea and some honest graft have gone a long way, to a stage where I can now kick back and enjoy life and I've not yet hit 30.

I can only urge people who have read this that if you are struggling for money, credit is not the way to go, it is simply digging yourself a bigger grave, and whilst I understand sometimes it is a neccessary evil, sub-prime credit lenders are not the way to go, there are better ways to find the money, without getting ripped off. If the reason you need the money is to pay off existing debts, you'll find the best way to deal with it is not to ignore it or take on more loans, but to actually negotiate with the company, they can actually be quite sympathetic, as can collection agencies, providing you remain calm and collected and polite with them. Failing this, go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau and ask for their assitance (what have you got to lose? It is free after all), andyou will find your creditors will be more willing to negotiate. On that note, don't ever pay for debt management either, these companies are scammers too (quite often run by the same sub-prime lenders) just looking at another way to prey on those in an already difficult situation.
N  27th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
hi my name is simon i have just been cought out by wwd, is there a way 2 stop the bank paying out the money b4 it is due 2 go out i have till the 12 aug 2010 to try and stop the payment?
N  10th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
wentworth direct finance gave me a call and asked they will provide me a loan with in couple of days they got my account detail but still i am waiting their response and contact but unfortunately i couldnot caught them. they took 59 punds from my account. i tried to find out about this company but all in vain.so they are a feaud i am afraid how to find them and take to finace amdusman.please rsponse quick i will be thank ful., shoukat mughal, email is shoukatghyyas@hotmail.co.uk


shoukat mughal

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