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Hamilton, ON, Canada Review updated:

Today I decided to treat my employees to lunch at Wendy's Rymal Rd. And upper Ottawa St. In Hamilton Ontario I ordered 3 double cheeseburger combos large size with cokes and one triple cheeseburger combos with Coke. After bringing the order to work. I discovered it was an entirely different order. Several times I tried to call the store and have the problem solved but had no answer. Now I'm out close to $50 and have a group of unhappy employees.

Nov 09, 2017
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  • Cd
      Dec 06, 2017

    You picked up an erroneous order, brought it to work, and then called to complain that the order was wrong?

    What did you expect them to do over the phone? Deliver you a new, correct order?

    Have you ever eaten at Wendy's before? They don't have employees who are in the business of visiting customers and correcting their orders. It is upon the customer to check the order is correct before leaving the restaurant. If it is not, the restaurant will rectify the mistake.

    Leaving with food, and then calling a fast food restaurant and demanding that they deliver you new food is a bad decision because they would never do this. For a number of very obvious and basic reasons

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