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Weltman Weinberg Reis / Illegal Collection Practices

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Weltman Weinberg Reis
What can I say? The reports on this company when you google them are shocking and the company has been sued in all 50 states. At my last knowledge banned in 2 states for abusive and illegal practices.

The use court documents to intimidate consumers into releasing personal information. The documents are legit, they are used in court but the trick is WWR doesn't file them as required by law and they seem to forget that a JUDGE NEEDS TO SIGN the document before they can send a subpeona. They can't forge some signature and there will be a raised seal on the document.

The have taked personal information to seize assets that are not permissible under the law to seize such social security disabilty.

There have been reports of their "gestappo" stalking debtors and harassing family members IN PERSON waiving firearms, and physically assaulting people.

They attach the bill to "anyone" without confirming identity. There have been a history of complaints of these folks attaching a bill to the werong person and trying to get default judgements.

They threaten loss of job, jail, and other blatant terroristic threats.

They have been reported to make unauthorized charges on debit card numbers provided by unsuspecting debtors authorizing a single charge. It is also reported they don't give the money they collect to the original creditor.

I also have heard they intentionally re-age accounts for the sole purpose of extending the credit reporting period.

The list goes on. I don't see why they are not shut down in all 50 states and just 2.


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A  30th of Mar, 2009 by 
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They are trying to do the same to us. Using fake documents to phlish information that they do not have. They also refuse to communicate and continue to avoid certified mailings requesting documentation we request.
A  8th of Feb, 2010 by 
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Agree. This company is trying to do whatever they can to get a person to pay a debt that is old. I find it strange that after a few years of not paying on a credit card they try to get the money through whatever means necessary. The companies that use them are idiots as well. They try to get as much as 7 times the amount that is originally owed. It should be illegal for this type of thing to go on and the courts who sign documents so that these people can disrupted your lives are idiots as well. With the economy being such a reck and people trying to make it day to day it is sick to know that a--holes like these exist. If people like this ever loss their financial means I hope the hell they can survive, but most of all I hope that they are chased down and get to feel how most of us who are just trying to make it feel. It is in no way a pleasant feeling to have to live day to day and not have the ability to provide for your family in the way that is needed.
A  2nd of Mar, 2010 by 
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I just received false documents stating that they are filing a lawsuit against me. I contacted the district court in person and there is nothing for me. They are now stating that they are going to sue you to get the money, even if they aren't doing to to get you to contact them and than harass you for more money than the debt was worth in the first place. Do not trust them document ALL contact with them and go see a lawyer. These guys are superior ###!!!
A  26th of Apr, 2010 by 
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OMG!! I have been making payments to them for the past 6 months. It's true that I had a debt but they are trying to get me for late payments etc. I have paid my debt, & they are taking me for everything they can. I have paid off settlements they've offered me, then after that is paid they keep trying to get more. I have contacted the FTC & my state's Attorney Generals Office!! WE HAVE TO STOP THIS!!
N  23rd of Jun, 2010 by 
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I am currently having the same problem with National Hospital Collection, Credit Collections USA/ and various others, and what they are doing is duplicating debts that have been paid off already, sending them to the next company to try to collect off of us.. I have the same account and same amount owed on my credit report 3 times. I have reported them to the Attorney Generals office, and the BBB. As far as the Weltman, Weinberg, Reis, they have called home twice, and our credit has inquiries on it from them. ...YES WE HAVE TO STOP THIS...DID THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION NOT PASS SOMETHING THAT SAYS THEY CANNOT CONTINUE TO DO THAT, OR AM I THINKING OF SOMETHING ELSE...
N  28th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Well, don't rack up debts you can't pay. The only people complaining are those who try to wriggle their way out of debts they made and now don't want to pay for. WWR will do whatever it takes to get money back to creditors that is owed. So far, from what I've seen, their tactics are legal and not gestapo. And no, Obama didn't make it okay to skip out on your debts and accrued interest. They pulled out of two states because another collection agency garnered state government contracts to operate as a sole license there - and believe me - that collection company won't hesitate to break your legs. Like they say on Operation Repo, it ain't no joke if you don't pay that note!
N  30th of May, 2017 by 
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@disgruntled_old_fart hey snowflakes that is why this country is going to [censor] because of you trying to [censor] over the little guy trying to support their family [censor]head
N  1st of Aug, 2010 by 
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First, I was not trying to wriggle out of any debt. I fully acknowledge the debt (that should not have been transfered to WWR in the first place - I have the documentation to prove that) and told them I could only pay X right now but over time I could pay more. I HAD EVERY INTENTION OF PAYING THE WHOLE THING. First, they offered me a settlement that included a 5, 000 down payment- ridiculous since I couldn't (ans wasn't suppose to be making) full payments yet. When I did start making payments, they called my parents to tell them to that I needed to contact them- After I had spoken to them numerous times! They started reporting my account as delinquent tot he credit reporting agencies AFTER I started making payments, ignored CERTIFIED letter from me begging for account balance information, lied to the Attorney General when I filled a compliant and still refuse to communicate with me (once again, I have extensive documentation of EVERYTHING)!

It's not a matter of running up debt you can't afford, its a matter of being run down to over pay the debt.
A  27th of Jan, 2011 by 
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These guys are real [censor]. They mailed me documents that are not real but look it. They are court papers but with false signature and no raised seal on it and not legit. I went to the court that they were suppose to be from and they told that there was no such judgement on file. I took it to my uncle who's a judge and he said to keep all information and contacts with this company. Even record all calls from them because now they went to far by falsifying court papers. They've got a trail of this type of collecting practice. By the way they hired some poor guy to hand me papers and they got the wrong guy. Like someone on here said that they force papers on anyone before verifying idenity, and he thought the guy was making an agressive move and he put him down. He's a karate instructor and ex seal. They certainly got the wrong one that time. I'm just waiting to go to court and present all my evidence so far that I have against them. You see i'm not avoiding my situation but, don't have the extra to pay right now. My family of four is just making it now and what's coming in is going right out. Plus i'm on social security now and there aware of it now too and told me if they do, contact them right away and call police because it's a federal offense for them to try to take my social security direct deposit. Because between that, which is not much and what little my wife brings home we just pay everything we can.
N  26th of May, 2016 by 
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We went to court and they are getting there payments on time monthly, we had a problem with another company collecting for the same debt, that got all taken care of and they said it would not happen again.Well guess what it is they didn't take the notice off the collections and tell who ever they need to report to they have it now.Now another company is trying to collect on the same debt that is being paid, I have had permision to talk to tell from my girl friend that is a state mental person and I told them about the problem gave them all the information to contact the other company like2 months ago, well it wasn't done and now they are going to take us to court again, They need to do the job better and stop the run arund and take care of their mess up.
N  26th of May, 2016 by 
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They need to fix the problem or they will have to appear at court to, I might have to get my own attorny at their expence if it doesn't get fixed.
N  23rd of Jun, 2016 by 
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I had my wages garnished, because yes they went through the NJ court system, after about 3 years I'm finally paid off, and I actually got 2 overpayments returned to me. I feel as though it was much easier to have it taken out of my wages that way I was never behind . They never contacted me during the entire procedure, which was fine by me. Hopefully my company has been notified to stop withdrawing .
N  14th of Aug, 2016 by 
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They are garnishing my wages in Ohio. They have already been paid all but $400 of what I owe, but now the bill is over $11, 000. They also closed this debt after taking $3, 600 from my friend's account, that I was on many years ago. At that time, they claimed I owed over $8, 000. Then it got reopened, only to increase another $3, 000 plus dollars. I understand paying on debts that you owe, but where is their accountability, and when does it then become loan sharking? They are forcing my hand to do one of five things - quit my job, change my identity, jump from job to job, file bankruptcy (which I can't afford, obviously), or just simply off myself. Which do you think is the easiest choice? I guess they need their money badly enough that they're willing to help send people to their graves. They're nothing but a group of heartless predators. I hope every one of them, and their families, get to experience the kind of torture and heartache they are putting others through. No amount of money is worth ruining someone's life over. This is a 20 year old debt, for Christ's sake.
A  14th of Aug, 2016 by 
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This firm should be put out of business. They use illegal business tactics to pursue consumers for decades, and charge loan shark interest rates. They don't care if people become homeless, go bankrupt, or kill themselves trying to keep up with their demands of payment. They skate around the law and produce false documents. Their practice is highly unethical, but they are allowed to slip under the radar and get away with destroying lives. They make absolutely no effort to settle upon a fair amount; instead, they lay in wait and let interest rates accrue for decades, then they appear out of nowhere like a snake in the grass, and drop the hammer down on your head. I wish they could all feel the same pain they inflict upon others. I wouldn't be sad to see them wiped off the map.
N  30th of Dec, 2017 by 
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Those of you who have had garnishments, were you able to get those stopped?? My husband has had two payments so far taken out and I have contacted our court system because we never received anything before the garnishment showed on his paycheck and we know it is not valid. I do not know the signature on the form we received from his job as being a clerk in our county... It is falsified... I am waiting to hear back from the courts as to what we should do and how to get this garnishment stopped and our money returned. Any advise??

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