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Bought a product over internet from Celebrity Sexy Pout supposed lip plump for £35. Small phial of something liquid which did nothing. Returned and followed all the tedious instructions about return via DHL etc. Money refunded. Also cancelled a supposed link with Wellwatchersmd who were supposed to return your money at some stage which would make the product free. Later found all this was basically a scam to get you buying more crap.
Now some weeks later 93p appears on credit card statement from Now theres a surprise.
Contacted them on their website live link and the conversation was as follows

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...
You have been connected to Aneca Palaroan.
Aneca Palaroan: Hi, my name is Aneca with WellnessWatchersMD. How can I help you today?
LP: why have you taken 93p from my credit card on 12th June
Aneca Palaroan: I'm happy to help you. First, I need to make sure I have your correct information.
(checks my name and email)
LP: yes
Aneca Palaroan: Thank you. I'm bringing up your account now. This may take a few moments.
Aneca Palaroan: As I double checked our system, I see that you are already deactivated since 06/01/09. And we are no longer billing you since that date.
LP: so why have I a transaction dated june 12th 2009 for sum of 93p from you
Aneca Palaroan: Do you have your cancellation code?
LP: no i dont. I never started any account with you. I bought some rubbishy lip product from celeb sexy something. It was complete crap, returned and refunded. You are obviously as dubious as they are.
Aneca Palaroan: We apologize. I've already made a report to cancel your account so you will no longer be billed.
LP: I want my 93p back. although a small amount it is MY MONEY
and as a matter of interest what was I being billed for? fresh air
Aneca Palaroan: $1.49 is just a small token handling charge to cover transaction and servicing costs.
LP: for what. I havent bought anything from you
Aneca Palaroan: You purchased a product from us. Its the Celebrity Sexy Pout
LP: Oh so that crap was from you. Well you had it back and refunded me so why a further charge now
Aneca Palaroan: And why we keep on charging you? Because you failed to pay us the $1.49.
Aneca Palaroan: You have to settle it first. The $1.49 is for the shipping fee.
L: What shipping fee. You cannot be serious.
Aneca Palaroan: We are charging you $1.49 for the shipping fee of the product that you purchased from us.
LP: So you charge people 35 pounds for a small phial of water and after refund make a further charge. Crooks the lot of you and I will print this exchange on all the websites complaining about similar ripoffs from wellnesswatchersmd

I have now cancelled my credit card.


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      Jul 27, 2009

    Please call me at [protected] so I can take care of this for you right away. My name is Charity, and my hours are 10am-6pm Central Standard Time. Personally, I think that WellnessWatchersMD is a pretty good deal, or I wouldn’t work here. They send out thousands of $25 gift cards and $50 rebate checks every month. They also help hundreds of people with their Ask-the-Doctor service. If you were charged by mistake, I am authorized to give you a refund.

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