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Wellsvile / Bad service

1 2435 Standards RoadWells, NV, United States

On this terrible day, our daughter took her 1 1/2 year old female basset to a local vet, who's name is Dr. Thomas Lopez of the Wellsville Veterinary Hospital, to be spayed, as required by the SPCA where she got the dog. She heard only bad things about this vet but the SPCA said she needed to take her there as stated in the contract. On that dreadful morning she loaded up her girl, Sophie, and drove to the Wellsville Veterninary Hospital, the dog herself did not want to stay, the people in the office reassured her they would take good care of her, well they didn't. She had to call, they didn't even have the courage to call her, Sophie died! I myself was very, very upset. As, we told the SPCA we would take her somewhere else to be spayed, we even told them we would pay for it, no they said she would be okay! I called Dr. Lopez myself and wanted to know exactly what has happened to Sophie. He said he cut her open and saw she was already spayed! What kind of vet does not even know if a dog is spayed before you cut them open, there should be a scar. I said to him, you mean you killed our dog for nothing. No commet, from the Dr. There seemed to be complications, so he said. Well, that was in the beginning of December, since then we had an autopsy done on her, by a qualifed vet, and the findings where, she was surely spayed before, and there was a whole in her lung. This vet said that the whole could have been genetic, or something else, and the death would occur to any vet that would have spayed her, so my question is how did she live through the spaying she had originally? And what did really happen at this poor excuse of a vet's hospital. We since then have a petition going to try to get his license revoked. Also, there are many complaints filed against him. We have heard so many horror stories about this same vet, and they are the truth not slander. About 85% people that have taken their pets there, either their pets die or have life long problems associated with this Dr. Thomas Lopez. I tried to get the paper to print my story in the local paper and they won't do it. I was very glad to hear about this site as we need to let the public know about this person, who does not know what he is doing. I know that for a fact because we have heard first hand he tried to spay 2 MALE dogs! And he has a license??? Come on now. Please, if you need to drive a little further do so, and save your pet don't let them end up like Sophie and many other poor animals who died at the hand of Dr. Thomas Lopez. Supporters of Sophie


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