Wells Fargo / wells fargo agent made us homeless

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my name is michelle husband and i contacted wells fargo back in july/august of this year 2014 and spoke with Randy Spurgin about getting a home loan..we gave him all the info he asked for and said he will be in touch with a pre day he sent our agent Debbie Figgs our pre approval letter..after that he told us we would need to have our inspections done..which we did for the house we wanted to by at 311 whitman ave salisbury md...inbetween all this..we tried several times through text calls to reach him on next steps and he would not respond for days...then he said underwriter need my husbands DIVORCE DECREE from his EX marriage..i told him its been so long we didnt have it and the courts didnt have it would have to be ordered is there another form we could use to show proof of child support ammount...he had my husbands company fax court papers they recieved from the courts showing ammount..said that was fine..then days alter we get a email saying underwriter wouldnt take that wasnt good enough..then i asked him if letter/document from child support..he said yes that would be week before we were to setttle on this house..he emailed saying underwriter said the documment from child support was not good enough she wanted the DIVORCE paper...we LOST THE HOUSE BECAUSE THE SELLER SAID SHE WAS SELLING IT IF WE DIDNT MAKE SETLEMENT OM OCTOBER 30th...well...after that...we had to check in a hotel because we sold our house and made settlement on that and had no home to move into...i called wells fargos office in salisbury md and told them i didnt want to work with RANDY any more to put me through his supervisor..they put me through to KEN LEE...he took my call and said he would try and help us find out what happen and what we could do to get another the mean time Randy emailed me and said that WELLS FARGO WAS GIVING US THE LOAN AND TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER HOUSE AROUND THE SAME PRICE...we figured everyone deserved a 2nd chance to prove themseleves..once again...we found a house...had inspections done...couldnt get through to Randy when we needed him...almost a month later..and RANDY NEVER SENT OUR PAPER WORK TO THE UNDERWRITER...TILL KEN KEE GOT INVOLVED ONCE AGAIN...NOW WE WERE TOLD THE UNDERWRITER HAD UR PAPER WORK..EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD...I GET A CALL MONDAY 12/15 SAYING WE GOT FINAL COMMITMENT WITH CONDITIONS...I TALKED TO PROCESSOR ROBIN ATKINSON...SHE ASKED FOR INFORMATION UNDERWRITER WANTED...THEN WE'RE TOLD UNDERWRITER HAS PROBLEM WITH MY HUSBANDS PAY AMOUNT...LIKE THEY SHOULD OF SAID SOMETHING WAY BEFORE NOW...PLUSE WE WERE TOLD THEY WERE LOOKING TO SETTLE THIS FRIDAY 12/19...AGAIN 2 DAYS BEFORE SETTLEMENT ON THE 2ND HOUSE...TOLD UNDERWRITER WANTS MORE INFO...MY HUSBAND AND HAVE DONE EVERYTHING WE'VE BEEN ASKED TO DO AND NOTHING IS EVER GOOD ENOUGH..THERES ALWASY MORE THEY WANT OR NEED...WE'VE BEEN FORCED TO LIVE IN A HOTEL SINCE 10/29/2014 TILL CURRENT...WE'VE BEEN HOMELESS FOR THANKSGIVING AND NOW CHRISTMAS IS HERE..WE WERE TOLD WE WOULD BE IN OUR NEW HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS AND NOW TOLD...WELL WE DONT KNOW JUST YET...THE MONEY WELLS FARGO HAS COSTED MY HUSBAND AND I especially RANDY SPURGIN BECAUSE OF HIS LACK OF COMMUNICATION AND LIES HE TOLD US IS WRONG...NO HUMANBEING SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS...RANDY EVEN GAVE BOUR HOME OWNER INSURANCE COMPANY A SETTLEMENT DATE WHEN WE DIDNT EVEN HAVE A DATE YET JUST TO SHUT THEM UP...I MEAN HOW MUCH CAN 1 PERSON DO AND GET AWAY WITH LIKE THIS...WELLS FARGO HAS DONE US WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS...AND NOT ONCE HAVE WE BEEN TOLD FROM RANDY...SORRY FOR WHAT HE DID...ITS AS THOUGH HE DOESNT CARE WE'RE HOMELESS BECAUSE OF HIS LIES..AS LONG AS HE GOES HOME TO HIS FAMILY...

Dec 18, 2014
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      18th of Dec, 2014

    What many people don't seem to understand is that until the underwriter gives final approval you are not approved. You should not be making any offers on a house until you receive a commitment letter from the bank.
    Once you receive a commitment from the bank you will have a certain amount of time to buy before the letter expires and you have to start all over again.
    One of the reasons buying a house is so stressful is because most people don't understand how it works. The banks make money from the application fee whether you get the loan or not. That is why they encourage you to go ahead.

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