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dallas tx, Richardson, TX, United States

We have been begging for help with them for almost 2 years now!
It's been a horrible ride. A lot of the Negative issues are re-moved
from this statement to encourage help or any other options that have been over looked. Sandra - 972.234.0019

Monday, April 11, 2010

Loss Mitigation Review – Faxed- 866.359.7363

Please, please grant us a Loan Modification for loan #[protected]


We fell behind some time after my daughter passed away from cancer issues and son-in-law lost his job from grief and depression. He found himself displaced in the work force and at some point on meds and then disability. He and I both continue to look for work but at present to no avail. Allen currently receives

$1053.00 Disability and I receive $983.00 SS benefits. See Income attachments. We desperately need a Loan Modification of around $700.00. See financial statement. We both want to stay in the house, create a business, pay the house off and fix it up, bringing it up to code. Due to the current condition it’s in, an investor would take it far below what’s currently owed on it. Because of the love my daughter had for this property; there is a lot of sentimentality for us. We are just having a very rough time from loss of life and incomes. Please work with us.. We will make you proud of us. It’s a Horrible Ordeal so far.

Some History

This house was bought for around $135, 000 when it was a sellers market with the intention of fixing it up and making it into a home similar to the one she loved in York, PA. This house was built in 1980 and pretty much used as a rental house the entire time. I moved down here to be with my daughter after my job of 7 years at the Pose Office ended. We all had or found employment at the purchase of the house. I was making over $27, 000 a year at Real World Training; my daughter started a new job at Verizon Web Pages making $34, 000 a year, my son-in-law Allen was working at J.C. Penney Corporate Office in the IT-NOC center making $45, 000 a year. All that together gave us a household income of $104, 000 gross, which was plenty enough to buy and care for this fixer upper home.

Although a lot of projects were started, many of them came to a halt when my daughter discovered she had a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Me and my son-in-law stayed on the internet and on the phone trying to find treatments, clinical trials, with hopes of finding some way to cure or help my daughter manage her illness in order to buy more time till they could find something that would work for her type of cancer. Michelle opted for a lumpectomy to no avail, a mastectomy including lymph nodes to no avail, chemotherapy and radiation, more surgery, all of which did not work. The cancer became metastatic to the lower back and then started spreading throughout her entire skeleton. She had tumors on her shoulder, tumors on the side of her head and tumors growing around her jawbone. She was labeled terminal. Because of the pain she was rushed and admitted to Baylor, Susan G. Komen terminal wing where she was given morphine to make her comfortable.

There were some church friends Michelle came to know, along with myself and son-in-law that kept vigilance beside her. My daughter remained in good spirits and my son-in-law promised to continue working on the house so she would have a home to come back to as soon as she got well. He also continued to research options and he did find a chemo treatment using Methyltrexate. This type of chemo has been used for years for treatment/management of severe cases of arthritis, although we tried to get the oncologist to consider it as a management treatment to slow down the cancer, the oncologist would not do it because it wasn’t considered a cure all. So Allen found a treatment protocol on a web site called it offered a lot of hope that we seemed to be running out of. After some fellowship with the church we spoke with her doctors involved, Michelle decided to go and the treatment was started in Atlanta, GA. Within 4 days most of the tumors were shrunk down, barely visible, I was the only one with Michelle. She didn’t want my son-in-law going along because he was too emotional concerning her welfare. Around the sixth or seventh day Michelle was overdosed, a couple of days after that my son-in-law arrived to find her very sick, 911 was called and Michelle was rushed to the ER where she was diagnosed with Septic Shock, no platelets, next to no blood count. Michelle’s face and parts of her body were orange. Her hands were white as snow, her mouth and gum area were covered in blood and she was very swollen. Test confirmed she had poor blood counts, no platelets with an over all state of septic shock. Michelle really needed more care then and there but this hospital was not setup for trauma patients such as Michelle. In fact they seem more concerned about the liability then giving Michelle what little bit of help she desperately needed with what little time she had left.

She passed away from septic shock and congestive heart failure. This was a very horrible experience for me as well as my son-in-law. He found it very hard to keep his current job or any jobs after that. He ended up losing his current job and found himself as a displaced worker with so many others. Between trying to find full time work and trying to work temporary jobs, as well as dealing with all the emotional grief, guilt over the sudden loss of my daughter. It just seemed like an uphill battle. He ended up on a lot of medicines where working for someone just became impossible because of the depression he still felt and or side effects from the medications. Allen has continued to look for work, continued to seek out help for ways to fix, restore or update the house in the love and memory of Michelle.

Some banking information:

At some point with the loss of income, we fell behind on payments. With continuous communications with Wells Fargo, they put us on forbearance with or with out payments. I am so grateful for the help they offered Allen and I. In the past, the only income in the house was mine, $983.00, some time later there was Food-Stamps of $315.00 until he could seek and try for disability He was awarded that after a few months.

And is now receiving 1053.00. After that we lost the food stamps however this income is permanent, no lay-offs or loss of income.

In closing, my son-in-law and I love this house and want to fix it up in memory of my daughter. It’s really hard for us to see living anywhere else. I realize it needs work that exceeds our current income, but my son-in-law has good days and bad days and although that makes it hard for him to work a steady job, he is able to complete a task at a slow pace.

If there is anything you can do to help us find a refinance, Loan Modification, etc., we would be very

grateful. Thank you Wells Fargo for all your help so far. Loan # [protected]

Sandra Vincent and Allen Wynn – 972.234.0019 – April 07 2010



Visiting Michelle with Allen

Loan # [protected]


RE: Mortgage [protected] – Allen S. Wynn

1603 Woodoak Dr., Richardson, TX 75082

Friday, March 19, 2010

Household Income is as follows:

Allen S. Wynn – Social Security Disability - $1, 057.00

Sandra L. Vincent – Social Security - 983.00

Total Income $2, 040.00

Proof of Incomes Attached

Monthly Household Expenses and others is as follows:

Water, Sewer, Garbage, City of Richardson --------------------- $57.00

Electric (Average, varies due to season) -------------------------- 200.00

Gas (Average, varies due to season) ------------------------------- 200.00

Cable TV, Phone and Internet, Bundle Pkg.------------------------ 131.00

Lawn Maintenance ---------------------------------------------------------- 75.00

Storage -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 152.00

Total 815.00


Insurance – Allen S. Wynn and Sandra Vincent

Both Cars ---------------------------------------------------- 133.00

Gas Both Cars ---------------------------------------------- 80.00

Food Expenses Average ------------------------------------------------- 275.00

Pet Expenses------------------------------------------------------------------ 75.00

Total 563.00

Total All Expenses ----- $1, 378.00

Income of: $2, 040.00

Expenses of : 1, 378.00

Balance Left $ 662.00



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