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Wells Fargo Bank
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I applied for a modification to my mortgage, a freddie mac loan through wells fargo home mortgage, on january 15, 2009 - almost one year ago!!! at that time we qualified for this program with the financial difficulties we were experiencing and really could have used the assistance. wfb has put us off with duplicate document requests (I provided them everything at the onset) and delays for 12 months and our situation has gotten continually worse, including my sister's death and similar medical problems of my own and finally in november the loss of my job! they have successfully strung us along for a year from a point when we actually had other options. now we don't! there is no way we could qualify to refinance now. I am contacting a lawyer to see about filing a malicious malingering suit against wfb and if there are others out there experiencing the same treatment, and i've heard there are, there should be a class action suit filed against wells fargo bank. there is no excuse for this when the government provided this assistance to them and they have had a record year! bad wells fargo bank!
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N  19th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I strongly suggest you get back in touch with them. The HAMP program rolled out to them in April/May 09. so if you attempted to qualify right at that time it's been 8 mos. for them to get it together. Most important thing is that the data used to prequal you for HAMP must not change through the process. If you change your financial data you very well may fail out.
A  22nd of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I would really like to join a class action suit against Wells Fargo. Something wrong is going on there.

I contacted them in March or April (working off the top of my head right now). We had missed our Jan. payment due to illness, cut hours at work, etc. I wanted to see what we could do. I was very upset and the person on the phone was very helpful, nice and understanding. I was hoping they could just tack the late payment amount on to the end of the loan. No go. We were required to send in a financial statement, hardship letter, etc. which we did. I called a couple of times but they said to be patient, it was just taking awhile. We didn't hear anything until a letter came to us in at the end of July/beginning August saying that we needed to make what I thought was additional payments for three months then a big balloon payment at the end of that time. The first payment had been due several days before the letter even got to us. I had no idea what this was about and thought it was just a mistake. I tried calling a couple of times but was never able to get through to anybody. In the mean time we continued to make each $2800 payment monthly.

In October they sent us information in the mail saying we might qualify for the HAMP program. After reviewing what this was online, I wondered what took them so long to figure this out. I got on the phone with them and this nasty woman strong armed me. This was a limited time offer. If I didn't authorize them within a week, to take auto payments out of my checking account for three months starting October 29, I would not be considered for the program. I wondered why they just didn't put us on it if we qualified. She said that you must pass a three month probationary period first. (Which is part of the government mandate, the limited time offer, not so much as far as I could tell.) They offered very little in regard to how the program worked. All she did was refer me to the government website (which wasn't at all clear as to the nuts and bolts of how this works.) I still don't understand if they are just accepting a lower payment for the short term or if they are lowering your interest rate, adding the money on to the end of the loan? I don't know, but we really needed the reduced payment which they said would be $1687 based on the information they had on hand from what I sent them several months earlier. She said we would be receiving detailed information after the first payment went through.

I went ahead and agreed to have the payments taken out. We made sure money was in the account to cover the payment on the 29 of Oct., Nov., and Dec. I called in the middle of Nov. because we continued to receive notices that our house was being foreclosed. This woman was nice and said not to worry about it, it was in regard to the previous payment plan they set us up on but that was no longer in effect. I asked why we still hadn't received information regarding the HAMP program. She explained that the computer system was not accepting the information regarding the program so 60, 000 loans were having to be done manually. When I asked when they expected to have details to us, she said, "I don't know but it won't be soon". I asked what I should do about the Jan. payment if I didn't receive the information by then. She said just to continue making the same payment by mail until we get more information. That worked for me. The reduced payment was giving us room to breath.

Yesterday, in the mail we received a notice saying that our "Moratorium has been denied for the following reasons: You have failed to adhere to the agreed upon terms of the forbearance plan." When I called I waited on hold for probably 45 minutes, I got switched around to three people, all nasty, before one of them explained that the original payment plan had been set up to allow us to make $200 payments each month, that was supposed to allow us to pay down our household debt, then bring the payments up to date at the end. That's the first I had heard of that and it was a plan I would never have agreed to. Now apparently, we never qualified for the HAMP program and it's supposed to be obvious that we were never on it because we never received paper work for it. She didn't acknowledge the computer problem at all. The fact that they set us up on an auto withdrawal plan for the same amount she was quoting me meant nothing. She said that according to our income, we can only afford to pay $200 a month and yet we were able to make the payments for the probationary period but again, that means nothing. She wanted me to give income information over the phone right then. I asked her why she couldn't use the information they had on file, not much has changed. She said that information is expired, they have to have updated information. She was a Sr. Rep of Collections. I felt that we had most certainly left the "let's work it out" realm and walked into the "you're kids are going to come home from school one day to see all your belongings on the sidewalk" realm.

Does anybody have any insight into what we should do now?

There are two options on the letter I received. The first one is "Pre-Foreclosure Sale: Requires the sale of your home in order to satisfy the mortgage/deed of trust. " The other is "Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: voluntarily transfers the interest in your property to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage." What does that mean? Don't they basically hold the deed to our house now? I just see a possibility that this mortgage company is going to drag this stuff out until the market improves and they will hold the financial stake in our homes. In the mean time, they have tenants living in the properties which is much better than having houses sitting empty.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.
A  1st of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I’m going through the same process, right off the back when I applied for the HAMP, I stop payment because I’m at the point to ready let them have it but not before I salvage all that I can.

I presume the lender will stretch as long as they can so they can get as much as they can out of you before saying you not qualify, it one of the reason that they never contact you and let you know of the status. I’m in the same process right now, since I applied for HAMP, I immediately stop payment and it has been more than 3 months now. So let say if they wouldn’t qualify me, I would be saving all of these months, and if I do get deny, I guess tear down will begin.
N  19th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I wish I had gone to this web site before I began to try and modify the terms of my loan with Wells Fargo. I began trial period payments 6 months ago ...and now after having waited and waited and after numerous phone calls (including Presidential Services..where they have a special complaint dept)...I have now been told "the investor..(Freddie Mac) has told Wells Fargo...I didn't qualify. So now I'm told to wait some more...to see if Wells Fargo can come up with something..but they can't tell me what options are available. I was under tremendous stress before I reached out for help...and the stress of playing this waiting game for month after month ...only to be offered nothing is an outrage! Shame on Wells Fargo for not putting their customers first!! This is a bank which lacks integrity and ethics!! I never would have conceived that any company could think that it could treat its customers so poorly and think that it won't affect their bottom line.
A  24th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hopefully some day the bottom will fall out of their bottom line.
A  25th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am having the same problems with Wells Fargo. I have been jumping through their loan motifcation program hoops since October of 2009. It is now March 2010. They keep losing paper work, One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. I will get a phone call on a Monday saying they need my income updated, I send it in. 2 days later I get another phone call that they need something else. A week later I am told they need more information, the next day I am told again they need proof of income, for 6 months constant phone calls and letters. Getting no where. Noone can get me in touch with someone that can more the process along, asked to speak to supervisors and they won't let me.
N  28th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
About 2 months ago I applied for the government's Home Affordable Mortgate Program (HAMP) with Wells Fargo. About a week after I sent them the first package of information, they asked for more information; specifically, proof that I will receive income for 9 months. My EDD unemployment insurance claim year ends in August, so about 2 weeks ago Wells Fargo said I wasn't qualified for the HAMP. Is this correct; that is, does HAMP require proof of 9 months of income? This seems counterintuitive; that the worse off one is, the less likely one can get mortgage relief?

Wells Fargo also told me that they were working on other loan modification programs. They waited until last week to they tell me that I must first be removed from the HAMP application process, and that I must call them back in one more week to apply for another loan modification program. If I have to be off the HAMP before they can work on another loan modification program, they should have told me that the moment they determined I wasn't qualified, rather than waiting almost a month.

Wells Fargo is dragging their feet, so that they can keep get full mortgage payments out of me.. I've been laid off for over 3 months, and I have been paying my mortgage on time, even though I have had to decimate my savings; it's as though they want me to spend all my savings before they'll give me relief on my mortgage.

I've even been told by some people that my loan modification might have a lower priority BECAUSE I pay my mortgage on time. I think people like me who are not delinquent should have higher priority that those who are. I think I should be rewarded because I'm not delinquent, rather than punished. It's as thought they want me to harm my credit rating by being delinquent, in order for them to give me relief on my mortgage. Do they want to force me to lose money on a short sale? Do they want me to destroy my credit rating for 4 years by walking away from this morgage?
A  26th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Wells Fargo is a terrible company to work with and these words used are mild for how I really feel.

Around Sept 2009 I started looking into loan modification requirements as I saw my income dropping considerably. Though things were tight I was on time with my mortgage and car payments which are also with Wells Fargo.
I contacted both the mortgage and auto loan departments. Was told by the auto dept that they didn't "do that" for auto loans. And would refi my loan if I put down 7k. Yea guys, don't have!!!

The mortgage department stated that I had to go through a "forebarance" period first and had to provide a whole list of documentation and a hardship letter in addition.
During all this process I asked repeatedly if this would have an impact on my credit as I did not want to compromise this. they told me it wouldn't because it was like refinancing a loan. Ok then, I continued on.

The concept of forebarance is counter intuitive because it requires that you pay lower monthly payments based on the agreement they have you sign. Then at the end of it, typically 4-5 months, you have to pay the difference. So why lower the payments if you want me to pay it anyway, just later???

Not 2 months into this process I received an alert from my Equifax Score Watch and I had dropped 100 points because Wells Fargo reported that I was behind on my payments and even though they posted that there was an agreement it made no difference. When I was trying to refinance my car loan it came up as a derrogatory because it shows several months late.

Talking to people in customer service is pointless because you get a different person in a different city each time and they give differing information. Mostly they don't really like their jobs and do the minimum to assist and can't function unless it is scripted.

After many calls to different places I was put in touch with the presidential offices of Wells Fargo. There I spoke with the same person each time and he was clear that what had happened should not have.
So his solution to assist me was to bring my account current, end my forebarance agreement, send an update to the bureau to cancel out the derrogatory one and then restart application for modification.

I figured I had nothing to loose and went along with it. He had assured me he would be monitoring the account personally and it should not be reported until it was modified. Guess what. Yea, it was reported yet again. So you can imagine what my credit looks like now.
Additionally, the "investors" who are the ones that determine whether or not you qualify for modification, denied it because my mortgage was current!!! Am I missing something here? I couldn't believe it.

I am currently paying half of what my regular mortgage payment is under the new forebarance plan but when Sept comes and they want me to pay the balance, I won't have it. Last time I took all the extra money to pay off other bills and ended up having to use my tax return funds to bring the account current. This time there is no refund to access. I'll keep paying the reduce amount until...

Will they give me a modification? Who knows. But I'm not going to worry about it. I have done all I can.

The auto loan department, once I missed a payment, sent me to their collections and they called to offer me a modification. One year later.
Too late Wells Fargo. I cannot afford a car that you gave me a loan on in early 2009 and you qualified the car as being worth what the dealer charged me at 30k, giving me a loan for 25k and now you tell me it's only worth 13k.
So I say thanks for nothing Wells Fargo!

A  27th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I too, have been going round in circles with WF, current til I found out I would be losing my job, then proactively tried to get a mod. Their idea of modifying your loan if putting you on the forb. I have been trying to get the HAMP, and they keep asking for paperwork over and over, finally they came up with this forb, with a huge payment due in Nov. No way I can pay that. My credit is messed up now, so I can't even try to go to a refi or something. I am trying to find out how we can fight them. This has been going on since Oct. I told them the forb makes no sense, I think they are hoping that our situation will change, then they can put you back on the original payments, without allowing us what we are eligible for - HAMP. I watched the congressional hearings with them last Thursday and it made me SICK, the guy just LIED, they all did, saying that we don't return our paperwork, our signatures, aren't eligible, etc. They don't even send letters telling you WHY you arent eligible. They are so stupid and inefficient, I don't know how they've been in business so long. On Congressman, really did get on the WF guy, he said that he has the most complaints about them and wanted a direct number to reach this guy when people complain. They are HEARTLESS AND GREEDY!
A  6th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
We too are experiencing this!!! They take forever to reach a decision and when we don't send in paper work the same day they tell us we need to re enroll!!! Im approved for the HAMP program and made all the payments and had trouble getting one thing in and they release me from the program and have me call loss mitigation!!! WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THIS DAMNED COMPANY.
A  6th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
If everybody that is having a problem with WF would file a complaint with the Banking Commission, maybe we could get heard.
It certainly isn't by chance that this is happening throughout the country to different people. Perhaps also contacting our Representatives would be good. They are the most likely to have a vested interest in serving us, I think.

I will tell you that I stupidly tried emailing the President, yea, Obama. What a joke!! They have automated mail scanners or the like because their response to me was so generic, not at all addressing my concerns. When I sent the second one expressing this very thought, I never got a reply. If it's not in someone's political interest to take this on, it won't get addressed.

Unfortunately, I have to say that I am disappointed with our nation. USA. It used to be "Of the people and For the people". Now it is only for the politicians and those who have money or contacts with either.
A  25th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm just tired. I've got nothing left to give this process.
A  27th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
I called Wells Fargo last August to inquire about the Make Home Affordable Plan, was told they are not ready for the program. In the meantime 13 units foreclosed in my condominium project, mostly Wells Fargo Mortgages. As of today Wells Fargo is selling $ 130, 000.00 properties for $ 39, 900.00. They have totally dimished the property value of the paying homeowners here in Greensboro, Ga. Was told by a Wells Fargo representative that the homeowners here do not qualify for HAMP, because of the drastic value reduction.
All of the homeowners here are ready to walk away from the properties, loosing not only a substantial down payment, but also the place they live in.


A  8th of May, 2015 by    0 Votes
Below the dashes is the text of a letter I sent to Wells Fargo and United Guaranty today:

Justin Young
Home Preservation Bankruptcy Specialist
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Fax: 1-866-590-8910

Michael Dearman
United Guaranty
Fax: 336-275-2893


Are you completely brain dead?

For nearly two years, you have been grinding out auto-generated mailings holding out offers of “help” and “assistance” regarding Wells Fargo Mortgage #xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In early 2014, I filled out and returned your mortgage assistance forms and began trying to talk with each of your organizations on the phone, through email, fax and snail mail. It is as if I have never actually communicated with a real human being at either Wells Fargo or United Guaranty because the paperwork just keeps flying with no acknowledgment of the real situation on the ground here at < address >.

Lost in the blizzard of auto-generated mailings, forms and robocalls from half-a-dozen clueless “Home Preservation Specialists” is this basic narrative:

FEBRUARY 2014: I knew that there would be a fall-off in my small consultancy's business and I contacted Wells Fargo with a simple question: Could we work out an arrangement that would permit me to make a lower mortgage payment for a short period while my income was reduced?

Wells Fargo's response in essence was, “We can't do anything along those lines until you are 90 days delinquent on your mortgage.”

MAY 2014: I submit a loan modification request. I encounter denial after denial. Eventually Wells Fargo agrees to reduce my mortgage payment by $75 per month (which is equal to the amount that it would have gone down anyway with the end of mortgage insurance payments).

JUNE 2014: I begin to tell Wells Fargo with clear and plain English communication: I cannot afford to make the mortgage payments and if we can't negotiate a reduction, I will be forced to file for bankruptcy.

No response from Wells Fargo that indicates it is even vaguely aware that I'm about to file for bankruptcy.

JULY 2014: I begin receiving big information packets (over time I will receive at least half a dozen of the same thick packets) from United Guaranty. I contact United Guaranty and I am told there is nothing United Guaranty can do for me (this despite all of that “we're here for you” language in the mailings).

AUGUST 2014: I tell Wells Fargo by letter, fax and phone that I am searching for a good bankruptcy attorney. Wells Fargo's auto-generated and duplicative letters that are not at all responsive to my individual situation keep coming.

By the fall of 2014, I begin working with a real estate agent to see if we can sell them home so that at least part of the mortgage can be paid. Wells Fargo seems oblivious.

SEPTEMBER 2014: I hire a bankruptcy attorney and file for Chapter 7 relief. By January 2015 my debts have been discharged, and I am no longer personally liable for the mortgage payments.

We did receive one decent offer on the house from a buyer, but Wells Fargo diddled and dawdled around and after months went by, the offer was withdrawn.

In the meantime, auto-generated mailing after mailing after mailing continued from Wells Fargo. These mailings seem designed to bury any real communication under tons of forms and jargon and legalese.

Amazingly – just astoundingly – on March 30, 2015, Wells Fargo sends me a letter asking me to complete and send in a mortgage assistance request JUST LIKE THE REQUEST THAT I SENT IN A YEAR EARLIER.

Here's the plain English reality as of today:

Had anyone at Wells Fargo actually paid attention to what I was saying in early 2014, I might still be making payments on a reasonably modified mortgage today. Instead, because Wells Fargo's intransigence forced me into bankruptcy, Wells Fargo will never see another penny from me. It's your house now. Good luck with it.

Forever committed to telling this story to the world,

Steve Kline

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