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Wells Fargo Financial / late fees

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WELLS FARGO SUCKS - they love to collect late fees and their customer service department does not care if they lose customers - they would rather collect and additional $29 from you than keep you as a loyal customer!!! I had made 3 payments within 30 days and was charged a late fee because the 2nd payment made was 2 days before the beginning of the next billing cycle and the 3rd payment was made 1 day after the due date. Just because my 2nd payment did not hit in the next billing cycle they charged me $29 and really didn't care that I was making multiple payments within the 30 day period. What company would punish you for actually paying your bill??? WELLS FARGO that is who - I will never finance anything with them ever again!!! That will be the last $29 they will ever get from me. Trust me my husband has had the same issues, no one wants to do business with them!!!

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  • Ca
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    I have had the same problem with being charged late fees, they said I was making my payments to early and that they were posting to the previous month because they were recieving before 3pm on the billing date. I don't understand how they recieved my last payment on the billing date by 3pm when I purposely mailed it at 5pm on the billing date and I live 3 states away from where my payment is mailed to. They are back posting the payments so it looks like they recieved them on the billing date and then they charge you a late fee for not paying for that month. I mailed my check at 5pm on July 3rd and my check did not cash until the 7th and they are saying that they recieved my check before 3pm on the 3rd. Now if I dont make another payment by July 28th, they will charge a late fee. This has happened 3 times in one year. I will never bank with them again!!

  • Ji
      29th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    For one thing, if you have a bank w/ online bill paying, use that to send a check for your bills about a day before they are due. I've had Wells Fargo try that scam w/ me. I promptly called my bank (USAA) and they sent a fax to Wells Fargo w/ proof of when my payment was received by Wells Fargo. But, please read my posting under WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL. Start those ten cent checks now! They'll eventually get the message if we all unite!

  • Ja
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    I love Wells Fargo Financial. They have simplified my life by consolidating my bills. I have reduced my monthly payments by $900. I have money to feed my kids and gas money. Thank you!

  • Do
      17th of Dec, 2012
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    well fargo sucks they charge me 257.00 in over draft fees, because i order a book and sent it back to the merchant because the book was a scam. i canceled the book and well fargo still let the merchant take the money out of my account than cherged me.

  • My
      26th of Jul, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I had the similar problem. I bought some furniture and received a 0% loan from MOR Furniture through Wells Fargo Financial, (Another place I will never do business with again but we will not go there now) I auto pay all my bills bi-weekly on my payday. My payment due was $146 per month. I wanted to pay my loan off in 24 payments which calculated to $126.00 bi-weekly ($3, 024 / 26). So I was basically paying $252 per month. Wells Fargo set up the “Due Date” on the 8th of the month but they have a different “Statement Date” that WAS LATER, it drifted around, June 13th, July 14th. With this scam, sooner or later on the bi-weekly payment plan they will apply 3 payments in one month and only one on the next month. I just had this happen and I was charged a $25.00 dollar late fee (they could have charged me $35 per their terms and conditions). I paid on 5/16, 5/30, (for June 8th) and I paid on 6/13 and 6/27 for my July 8th payment. So with their drifting “Statement Date” they put my June 13th payment which was made 5 days after the “June Due Date” on my June statement. My next payments were 6/27 and 7/11. Both of these payments were applied to my July statement. So even though my statement showed I paid $252 for the month they said I was late because they did not receive $146 by July 8th. They said there is nothing they could do and they could not refund my $25.00. I then nicely asked how I could file a consumer complaint. They put me on hold for about two minutes (must have been talking to a supervisor) and then they said they will allow a “one time refund” of $25.00. (we will see how long it takes to get it) I am paying off this loan and canceling the account next week. I bet I am not the only one that had this problem.

  • If
      30th of Apr, 2014
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    I have a 0% interest loan with Wells Fargo to purchase a Temperpedic Bed. Initially I thought this was great, but I had to learn the hard way that Wells Fargo is not in the business of banking but the business of scamming. I use my automatic bill pay to process payments that are due to wells fargo on the first day of the month, which is the only day I can make a payment without incurring a late fee. My payments are post marked and mailed before the first of the month, but because wells fargo does not process the check until whenever they feel like it, they are assessing a late fee on my account. I have refused to pay the late fee, and they are now assessing a LATE FEE ON THE LATE FEE!!!
    I have contacted consumer services to address this issue, because this can't possibly be legal, and I can't imagine how many others are going thru this. I urge everyone to contact their consumer services with these issues; something has got to be done about these scamming companies, doing business as banks.

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