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Wells Fargo / customer service is horrible

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I spoke to 3 or 4 Wells Fargo representative throughout this ordeal. All of them sans a Lee from Minneapolis(?) was not only unhelpful but seemed gleeful that I was getting screwed over. Anyways I never got the name of this guy but this is the best example of Wells Fargo customer service:

As I tried to get my questions answered, the Wells Fargo employee (we'll call him Mr. Idiot) hung-up the phone on me as I tried to get information to dispute a claim; Literally said Good Bye and hung up before all my questions were answered.

To be fair, that was probably the best treatment I had the entire conversation. The Mr. Idiot spoke to me like I had down syndrome and proceeded to repeat everything I just said explained to him as if he were explaining the best course of action that I should embark on (as if I'm ###ed). For example:

I say: I need to know the date I closed my checking account. I need that date so that I can find the check I used to pay off my savings account. (notice that one is a checking account and the other is a savings account)

Mr. Idiot (and I paraphrase): You should get a copy of the check to prove you already payed off your savings account and present it to our bank.

Well thank you Captain Obvious.

Being the extremely intelligent man that I am, I ask him for the date that I closed the checking account (again) and he informs me he can't provide me with the information because it isn't related to my savings account; and since I am not longer a Wells Fargo Customer, Wells Fargo will "no longer service me." Not only will he not provide me with the information that I need, but apparently I can't go to a branch to get that information.

So here's the situation I'm in: Wells Fargo claims I owe them money. They won't provide me with the information to prove to them that I don't owe them money. To top it off they've forwarded everything to a collection agency which is threatening to put a ding on my credit scores if I don't pay up. Gotta say, I'm the luckiest guy on the planet. Thanks Wells Fargo, you guys are not criminal at all.

And now for a rant.
Finally to the people who work at Wells Fargo. I know everybody has to put food on the table and everything but how do you rationalize your jobs. You throw people out of their houses so that you can get that 5 million dollar bonus. Is the 12 million dollar salary such pittance these days? (especially since some 12% of Americans don't have a job) What about the people who listen to their corporate bosses and gleefully help steal from other people's savings? Are you so numb that you can't empathize with the anxiety you cause in other people when you're condescending to them? The anxiety that you put me through is not something I would wish on anyone. In any case, [censored] you! May I never hear from you again.

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  • Jo
      10th of Apr, 2010
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    I can just about bet you money this guys name was Robert. I had the same experience with this guy on the phone about 2 weeks ago. I cant tell you exactly what i would call him on this page, but i will tell you that he gets off on being rude, uncooperative, inconsiderate, and conveniently unaware of anything to do with your account. I explained to "Robert" we couldn't afford our mortgage payment. His exact words to me were... "what do you want from me", "what do you want me to do", and then had nerve enough to laugh at me while i cried and ask what we could do to save our home. These people are blood thirty thieves. They do not care about what happens to you or your home, they are more worried about home much money they can make off of your home after foreclosure.

  • Ja
      31st of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    I am looking for a board and site to document my dissatisfaction with Wells Fargo
    Dealer Services (auto loans). Of the dozens of bills I pay every month, there's get continually screwed up, and when I call to fix, I get arrogance and attitudes. I will never do business with Wells Fargo again in any capacity, and I will see to it that others avoid business relationships with Wells Fargo Dealer Services.

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