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Wells Farco finance / Harassment

1 Long Beach, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 5624201361

Hello, I would like to file a complaint re: a employee of Well Fargo finance. on Saturday January 31st 2009. a man by the name of Mario called my home at approximately 9:00 AM PT. Mario asked me to make a payment on my vehicle. as I explained to him that due to my financial situation, I have been on disability Since 9/17/08. I have had two surgery's, through the recesssion and being on disability it has been extremely difficult to provide for my daughter and myself. I was not able to make my full car payment that was due on January 4th of $444.00 ( they also grant you a 10 day courtesy if you are late. I did send a payment of $247.00 on January 20th. I spoke to a woman by the name of Tracy a week before and explained my situation and that I could only pay half until the following month, as well as spoke to several people at Wells Fargo asking for a hardship, to possibly reduce my payment until I return back to work, I was declined because I could not refinance my car. however it has been documented that I have made attempts to contact them. my complaint is as follows:
When Mario called I explained my situation, he demanded a payment in a aggressive demeanor he verbalized that my situation was not exceptionable, he continued to yell at me telling me to I had to borrow the money from friends or family right now, as he continued to yell at me I asked him for a supervisor several times, I told him that I just returned to work and that I can not make the rest of my payment until February 22, he yelled and said that, that was not except able, to either sell my car and call for a settlement or they will repossess my car, I explained that I am a single mother and that I am trying my hardest to pay my bills, as he raised his voice louder and louder stating " what that just because you have children does that mean that you do not have to pay your bills! I told him that I was nearly explaing my hardship" I asked if our conversation was being recorded because he was being extremly rude and that he did not have to yell at me and that he had no right to harass me or threaten me, Mario stated that " It doesn't matter if our conversation was being recoded, because it would not matter anyway" I asked him for his name and he hesitated if you would of heard me the first time, I would not have to ask him again, he said his name was Mario and in a very harsh manner asked me "are you or are you not going to make a payment", I said that I could not and he said that he was documenting that I am refusing to pay my debt, I said that I never stated that & I was not refusing that I just needed some time because I just got back to work, he started yelling at me accusing me of refusing to pay again, so I asked for his supervisors name and he said that his is name was Chris and to call him @[protected] on Monday, in a very rude & hostile voice he threated again to say that I am refussing to pay, as I was speaking to him he just hung up on me. I was so upset I drove over to the Wells Fargo in Lakewood Ca and spoke to Bethany, I was extremely upset and explaind the situation and that I did not want this documentaion on my record, because I never said that I was refusing payment. she called her manager and her manager told her t0 give me some #s to call, [protected] & [protected], I spoke to Alicia who told me to call [protected]. I spoke to Amy, she was very kind and she documented that I called and told me to file a complaint, I could not find a complaint form on Wells Fargo .com, so I am filing this with you. this Man needs to be repremanded for his false allegations against me, and for harrassing me on the phone. no one deserves to be yelled at and belittled for being 27 days late on a car payment. I am a very responsible and reputable woman and I do not deserve to be direspected in anyway. I have been paying for my truck for over 2 years now and I owe only $1, 000 dollar's less then my original loan, without any problems until my recent illness. I would really appreciate it if you would handle this situation and reply back to me
Lisa Garcia
4732 Lakewood Blvd
Long Beach, Ca 90808
Wells Fargo accnt. #[protected]

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  • Ra
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    Hi Lisa,
    This sounds like a classic case of abuse from a call center that you do not need to put yourself through. Although it will be difficult, you can get to the right people. Save a copy of your letter to disc, make several copies, take notes, and above all ask for the employee # when you have someone on the other end of the line. They may use fake names but getting the employee ID # (corporations are recognized my numbers, not names) in the future will (but not for certain) hold the caller at fault when if he's nailed for this. Chances are this is not the first time he's gotten away with it. Furthermore, Google is a useful tool. Trying to track down the upper echelon should be easy...Wells Fargo CEO, CFO, president, Vice president, treasurer, or any other title online will give you the contact information for these officers who have better things to do than manage their POOR call center Bobs, Jim's, Sally's or any other person that will not assist you. I recommend going this route. Calling, faxing, explaining your situation until someone with some clout listens to your grievance and circumstances. I've been there twice in the past couple days, not that it was near as ugly as your case.

    I too, am behind on my car payment due to financial hardship but the difference here is that my loan lender is willing to work with me. Screw the formal complaint...writing a letter is just and if not more effective if it ends up in the hands of the folks who turn the screws and get right down to brass tacks. Not some ### in a call center miserable with no empathy deciding to take matters into his own hands. He may be fearing the loss of his own job which still does not give him the right to be abusive and callous.

    I work in a customer service based company and I would lose my job if I even spoke to people in that manner. I also wouldn't think of doing so because customer service should be with the customer. You should not have to be bounced from person to unhelpful person. It's frustrating and they feel you will give up. A person who is unable to pay should not be met with a who gives a ###, pay me now attitude.

    Customer service, whether it's from past due invoices or billing inquiries require help. Period. You can also state in your letter that "in good faith I am trying to pay this debt, I have been experiencing financial hardship." They will take ANYTHING as payment and it reflects on your account, no matter what insignificant little Mario has to say about it.

    This gets me worked up, but I found this link that you can try. It's a start and good luck.

    All the best, Rach

  • Nm
      11th of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Yes, I am contacting the BBB. I also spoke with the supervisors Chris, Michelle, and Matt. they where very disrespectful and yelled at both my mother and I. these people do not need to work at this company if they are going to be extremely disrespectful and unprofessional. its 2011 and i see that you posted this in 2009 I don't understand why they are still employed.

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