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Most likely owned by WebWatchers. They claim unbiased reviews which in the case of "WebWatchers" are incredibly glowing reports despite the numerous complaints about the software/customer support/functionality to the contrary. The following is a chat session with Rose from the above mentioned website when questioned about their affiliation with WebWatchers and their review of same;

[Please wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Rose'

Rose: Hi. What questions can I answer for you today?

[CLIENT]: Just curious how your review experts failed to discover the issues and problems discovered by actual customers of WebWatcher?

[CLIENT]: And now I am really curious...the last chat support person I spoke to at webwatchers was named 'Rose'

[CLIENT]: is your site owned by webwatchers?

Rose: this is a third party review website

Rose: it's not related with webwatcher

Rose: Rose is a common name

[CLIENT]: okay, can you answer my first question, after researching, I find complaints against this company too many to count

Rose: what certain problems are you referring to?

Rose: I can check our reviews for it

[CLIENT]: this textbox is not big enough to list them al

Rose: some complaints are actually based on customer who doesn't understand how the software works

[CLIENT]: "Reviewer's Comments The best monitoring and filtering software available. Nothing else even comes close. It allows you to monitor a computer from the web so that you don’t have to keep checking from the computer you’re monitoring."...who posted this bogus review

[CLIENT]: I'm a programmer for 20 years, my complaints were explained as..."our developers are working on those issues Sir"

[CLIENT]: None of the complaints I read had anything to do with an understanding of the software, they were policy issues and advertisement claims that do not stand up

Rose: for webwatcher, what our reviews say regarding it is that once you have installed the software on a computer, you can check or view recorded data using an online account which you create from them during purchase

[CLIENT]: uh...I am currently looking right at your review, you all but call it the 'holy grail'

[CLIENT]: You claim to be unbiased however all evidence suggests the opposite

Rose: what review site are you looking at right now?

[CLIENT]: Your's

[CLIENT]: why would I be in chat with you if I was at another site

Rose: what you see on reviews actually depends on the customer's comments regarding the software

[CLIENT]: Oh, so what you are saying is that despite YOUR claim of unbiased, what we are really reading is someone else's review

[CLIENT]: tested by Us...who is "US"

[CLIENT]: no suspected

[CLIENT]: your site will be tagged for the scam and fraud that it is

Rose: "Us" is generalized as those people who have tested webwatcher

Rose: it's not only webwatcher that we gave reviews

Rose: if you can see on our website, we also gave reviews for other monitoring softwares

[CLIENT]: I'm sorry, does that not totally negate the info in "About Us"

Rose: I apologize if you feel that way but these reviews are conducted using several tests

[CLIENT]: First things first...I promise not to insult your intelligence if you promise not to insult mine

[CLIENT]: You apologize??? is that before or after you take the money to the bank

Rose: I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I'm just explaining you the content on how we make these reviews

Rose: We don't take money from customers

Rose: We don't even sell these products. We only give reviews for them.

[CLIENT]: "how we make these reviews" you just stated that the buyers make the can't keep your story straight to save your soul

[CLIENT]: Wha does this mean Rose..."We don't get paid to write our reviews nor do we get any money from any software companies except for commissions when customers purchase software through our “Buy Now” links."

[CLIENT]: You are exactly as you appear to be, fraudulent scam artists

[CLIENT]: Be careful Rose, this entire session is to be posted complete with the page source to authenticate the discussion

[CLIENT]: no response??

[CLIENT]: nothing to hide???, then why not answer the charge

Rose: The links will direct you to the software's website. We just provide them for easier purchasing of customers and have a Buy Now link for each monitoring software we reviewed but, we don't force the customers to buy from us. You will always have an option to purchase it directly from the computer monitoring software's website.

[CLIENT]: easier purchasing based on your unbiased review...BS is BS lady, no matter how you slice can't combat a single thing I've said here and the transcript proves that

[CLIENT]: any last comments in your defense?

Rose: Paul, I'm very sorry you feel that our review is biased. I will certainly submit your comments on Webwatcher.

Paul Rosebush: lol...uh...yeah right

end of chat session]


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