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WellPoint Next Rx / Incompetent liars

1 United States

I received letters stating after three more trips to my local retail pharmacy my meds had to be ordered from Next Rx - three month supplies. The letter said "it's easy, just phone us and we'll take care of it, we'll contact your doctor." The woman who registered me was extremely dyslexic, got it all wrong and in turn I got the wrong dosage and now they require a pre-authorization form from my doctor who already faxed them a "corrected prescription, " they claim they never received it, then I heard from another rep at WellPoint Rx that they did receive it, but now they want a pre-authorization form. So they've been caught in a lie. I phoned the HR dept. of our parent company and let them know what was going on, that the representatives who were supposed to help me (the intermediaries) were not advocating for the patient/employee. Got a call from the intermediary and she is now going to try to deal with them.

My doctor says he doesn't want to put up with this crap anymore and his insurance has been raised 60% (Anthem). I've asked them not to get in touch with him again, that the company have what they need, they do not require any pre-authorization as I've been taking the same stuff for years and my diagnosis is well documented.

They are a bunch of criminals. The CEO of WellPoint is going to rot in hell or come back as a cockroach in her next life and I'll be around to step on her!!!


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