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Well Fargo Home Mortgage / Sub-Contractors

1 PO Box 10335United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-416-1472

December 18, 2010
Ok I just went to my front door this morning and found an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper with "URGENT! PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY" Client # ***
[protected]. Well after some research I found out that the number is Wells Fargo Home Mortgage's phone number associated with their PO Box 10328
Des Moines IA 50306 location. So I called the number listed above and spoke with a person with an India accent and he informed me that my mortgage account was pass due...humm I have never been late with a mortgage payment in the past 10 years of my loan, so I asked to speak with his supervisor, I was asked to hold, when he returned to the phone he advised me that the supervisor did not want to speak with me concerning the matter, I asked him for the corporate phone number which he gave me as [protected]. I asked to be connected to the collections department which he gave me as [protected] opt# 2 and then connected me. I was connected to an operator and expressed my concerns about the letter that was placed in my door, I was told that the letter was from a hired contractor for WFHM to check to see if the property was occupied and in good condition. I told here I was concerned about the unprofessional letter place in my door, and if their contractor was doing an occupancy inspection why didn't he ring the bell and announce who he was to actually see if anyone lived here. I was also advised I will be charged a $15.00 fee for the "Drive By Inspection" which I advised her that I don't expect to see on my bill and be charged for since my loan is up to date. I had her go over all my payments and it was confirmed the my loan account is current and up to date, never once late. So this is not a scam but a very poor attempt used by Well Fargo Home Mortgage to collect information on a mortgage loan that they may think is in a delinquent status, as I told the collection operator, "it's a bad ideal for a company such as Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to use a "fly by night" contractor to handle their accounts this way", I told her it was very unprofessional, especially in this day and times of scams and identity thief and perhaps these contractors will eventually come across the wrong person sooner or later and it was not safe. She told me she would pass along the concern to the "Powers That Be" to have it addressed, I hope this happens soon to save some problems in the near future and from happening to someone else...Wow! so much for starting off what I had hoped to be a Merry Holiday season...Ho...Ho...Ho. Thanks Wells Fargo Mortgage for a stressful start our Family's Holiday Season, May the Peace of Christ be with You!

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  • No
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    Thank you for commenting on your Wells Fargo experience. I am currently experiencing the same thing. I started my process back in July 2010 and now being told they didn't receive paperwork and my lower interest rate is to expire (today in fact). What a waste of time.

  • An
      23rd of Mar, 2011
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    I just received one as well. Here was my conversation with WFHM. The first person had no clue what I was talking about. She sent me to collections, I was advised this is an attempt to collect a debt. I played along and said ok. She advised I would have a fee of $15.00 added to my delinquent account for the drive by inspection. I said o, ok, no problem. She asked for my loan number, I don’t have one I said. Ok, what’s your name. Hmmm, I don’t see anything under your name, what’s your street address? Hmm, I don’t see anything under that street address. How long have you been with us, I haven’t been with you guys in over a year. I asked the Supervisor if they are going to notify Chase Home Mortgage that my home is occupied and she was like why would we do that? I said well, I haven’t been with Wells Fargo for over a year so either your contractor is 12 months behind schedule or you guys hit the wrong house.

    She said have a nice day sir.

  • Be
      19th of Nov, 2014
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    A man came to my house and left me a note with this number on it, urging me to call the number within 24 hours to avoid foreclosure on my home.

    I called, and while the person on the other end of the phone CLAIMED to be from Wells-Fargo, I am convinced that this is a scam. I don't have a mortgage with Wells-Fargo (though I do have one with another bank) and he wanted my account number and SSN even though I do not deal with that bank. I don't want to give out that information, and I wish I hadn't given my name because he used my name over and over again in the conversation. It was kind of creepy. I think this is one of those places that preys on unsuspecting people and gets them to give out information because they are afraid something went wrong with their home loan.

    Be very, very careful when calling this number, or accepting calls from it. If it is legitimate, then some poor person who should have received the note that was given to me just had their home foreclosed upon for not calling within 24 hours. It's either a scam or a very, very shoddy mortgage company that doesn't even know what properties they mortgage!

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