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My daughter was unable to pay her car payment November 2017 so being a kind Mother I paid it for her and gave Well Fargo my account info. Every payment that she has made since they have not drawn it out of her account but mine. we have talked to them several time but with know help. They say that once a bank account is placed on it can not be taken off. That is just wrong what happen if they keep on doing this I one day I am over drawn. My daughter keep putting the money back in to my account but one day I might have bill on the same day and become overdrawn. I have never had this type on Bad service and I we could I would refinance with someone else. Be careful helping someone out with their payment with Well fargo you might be paying it for a long long time.

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  • Hi
      Jan 30, 2010

    Hello! I am a well fargo customer for my auto loan. I am very sadden and stress out. I do not get a bill from the company to pay my bill, but I go on my bank and do a bill pay, the only thing that I am not sure is when I have to pay the bill, because a representative changed it for me and it suppose to be for almost the end of the month. Anyway, every month I pay it a couple of days after the due date and as far as I know they are suppose to give you a grace period of 10 days or sometimes they contact you when you are a month late. This company has harrassed me 24-7 by calling my home phone and cell phone all day. The first time I picked up my cell phone a woman name Dona wanted to speak to me but I needed to know who she was and what company, and she refuse to talk to me if I was not hilda and when I told that I need to to talk to me then is when she hung up on me. I would sit in the living room and I will hear my home phone ring and then myself phone. I can say that I have atleast 10 calls on my cell phone and the ones on my home phone are on the answering machine. I had to wait for my unemployment since I had not have a job since May and my 2nd unemployment pay comes around almost at the end of the month then I go to my bank and do the bill pay which I already have for Wells Fargo. I know there is a law that pass in regards to company harassing you all day and your company has just done that so I decided check up with a lawyer and save all my calls and see what he can do. I have been stress out and has affected my health, expecially when I am already depress of not having a job. I hope you take this seriously in regards to harrasment from Well Fargo. Thank you and have a Blessed Day.

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  • Di
      Mar 29, 2010
    well fargo auto finance - Untrained Customer Service Rep./ Rip Off Company
    United States

    WELL FARGO have very rude and untrained Reps. I feel that they need to be trained in speaking with customers on a professional level. They never want the customer to speak with an supervisor when you request for one. WELL FARGO AUTO FINANCE is a con artist company that does not keep count of payments that is sent online. My next step is reporting them to the BBB. I feel that many of our complaints will fall on death ears and nothinhg will be done regarding the many complaints.

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